The Beginning and The End

Clifford Brown: The Beginning and The End (1952/56) 1973 Track list: A1 01. I Come From Jamaica [OKEH 6900 (CCO 5323)] A2 02. Ida Red [OKEH 6875 (CCO 5322)] A3 03. Walkin’ B1 04. Night in Tunisia B2 05. Donna Lee Personnel: #01,02 – Chris Powell and His Blue Flames: Clifford Brown: trumpet Vance Willson: […]

Memorial [Prestige] 2

Clifford Brown: Memorial [Prestige] (1953) 1987 Track list: B1 01. Stockholm Sweetnin’ B2 02. ‘Scuse these Blues .. 02a. ‘Scuse these Blues (alt take,mono) B3 03.Falling in Love with Love B4 04. Lover Come Back to Me .. 04a. Lover Come Back to Me (alt take,mono) A1 05. Philly J.J. A3 06. Dial ‘B’ for […]

Big Six

Blue Mitchell: Big Six (1958) 1991 Track list: A1 01. Blues March A2 02. Big Six A3 03. There Will Never Be Another You B1 04. Brother ‘Ball B2 05. Jamph B3 06. Sir John B4 07. Promenade Personnel: Blue Mitchell: trumpet Curtis Fuller: trombone Johnny Griffin: tenor sax Wynton Kelly: piano Wilbur Ware: bass […]

Individual Choice

Jean-Luc Ponty: Individual Choice (1983) Track list: A1 01. Computer Incantations for World Peace A2 02. Far from the Beaten Paths A3 03. In Spiritual Love B1 04. Eulogy to Oscar Romero B2 05. Nostalgia B3 06. Individual Choice B4 07. In Spite of All Personnel: Jean-Luc Ponty: violin, keyboards, organ, synthesizer, programming Allan Holdsworth: […]

Imaginary Voyage

Jean-Luc Ponty: Imaginary Voyage (1976) Track list: A1 01. New Country A2 02. The Gardens Of Babylon A3 03. Wandering On The Milky Way A4 04. Once Upon A Dream A5 05. Tarantula B1a 06. Imaginary Voyage Part I B1b 07. Imaginary Voyage Part II B1c 08. Imaginary Voyage Part III B1d 09. Imaginary Voyage […]


Jean-Luc Ponty: Aurora (1976) Track list: A1 01. Is Once Enough? A2 02. Renaissance A3 03. Aurora: A3a 03. Aurora, Part I A3b 04. Aurora, Part II B1 05. Passenger of the Dark B2 06. Lost Forest B3 07. Between You and Me B4 08. Waking Dream Personnel: Jean-Luc Ponty – Electric Violin, Violectra, Acoustic […]

Looking Thru

Passport: Looking Thru (1973) 1988 Track list: A1 01. Eternal Spirit A2 02. Looking Thru A3 03. Zwischenspiel A4 04. Rockport B1 05. Tarantula B2 06. Ready For Take Off B3 07. Eloquence B4 08. Things To Come Personnel: Wolfgang Schmid: bass, guitar Curt Cress: drums, electronic percussion Kristian Schultze: Fender piano, organ Klaus Doldinger: […]


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