The Record Collection

Andrew Oh: Silk (cd)

Devine Music DEV001


01 – Detours
02 – Silk
03 – Out of Darkness
04 – Sunday Afternoon
05 – Stay awhile
06 – Stepping Up
07 – Alone at Midnight
08 – Heaven
09 – Cruise Control
10 – Summer Rain
11 – Wildest Dreams


Sax: Andrew Oh;
Guitars: Louie Shelton, George Golla, Peter Northcote, Phil Stone;
Bass: Christopher Soulos, Victor Rounds, John Aue, Clive Harrison;
Keyboards: Noel Elmowy;
Percussion: Hamish Stuart, Tony Azzopardi, Robert Siracussa;
Vocals: Geoff Robertson, Danny D’Costa, Chris Moy, Mary Azzopardi;
Programming: Noel Elmowy;
Talking Drum Vocals: Malik Yamar, Bu-Baca De Maurice;
Keyboard Bass: Noel Elmowy