The Record Collection

Cilla Fisher & Artie Tresize: Cilla & Artie

Cilla & Artie


01 – Norland Wind
02 – The Beggar Man
03 – What Can A Young Lassie
04 – Fisher Lassies
05 – Generation Of Change
06 – Fair Maid Of London Town
07 – The Wicked Wife
08 – The Gypsy Laddies
09 – Blue Bleezin’ Blind Drunk
10 – John Grumlie
11 – The Jeannie C


Cilla Fisher: vocals;
Artie Trezise: vocals, guitar, lap organ;
Alistair Anderson: Northumbrian pipes;
Johnny Cunningham: fiddle;
Phil Cunningham: accordion, harmonium, synth, whistle;
Malcolm Dalglish: hammered dulcimer;
Jim Houston: mouth organ;
Grey Larsen: concertina;
Rick Lee: piano;
Brian McNeill: fiddle, viola;
John Martin: fiddle;
Brian Miller: guitar, mandolin;
Bob Zentz: autoharp

Born in Glasgow on 26th September 1952, Cilla grew up in a musical family (her brother Archie and sister Ray were among the first professional folk singers in Scotland).
She appeared in her first BBC radio show at the age of nine and sang on a family recording soon after.
Cilla turned professional folk singer with Artie Trezise in 1974, and established herself as one of the unique voices of her generation, giving Scottish ballad tradition a mature interpretation that belied her years.

St Andrew’s born Artie Gave up his teaching career to go on the road as a folk singer with his wife, Cilla Fisher.
Over the years, Artie and Cilla have played most of the major folk festivals in the world, appearing throughout Europe, the Far East, Australia, Canada and the USA.

The record was The Melody Maker Folk Album of the Year – 1979.