The Record Collection

Judy Small: A Natural Selection

Plaza Records PZ005 (1982)


Side 1
101 – To Be A Woman
102 – I Don’t Know You Anymore
103 – Mothers Daughters Wives
104 – Festival Of Light
105 – Backyard Abortion Waltz

Side 2
201 – Girls In Our Town
202 – For The Women Who Write (carole’s Song)
203 – Family Maiden Aunt
204 – Mary Parker’s Lament
205 – Lest We


Vocals: Judy Small
Guitar: Neale Morison
Piano: Lance Feeney
Bass: George Bruno
Drums & Percussion: Doug Gallacher
Trombone, Trumpet & Clarinet: James Morrison
Flute: Helen Boyton
Tabla & Percussion: Peter Slattery
Banjo: Doug Mills
Vocals Harmonies: Georgia Carr
Kazoo: Cora Boyd-Duffy
The Ratbags’ Chorus:
Margaret McAllister, Damian Cobley-Finch, Neale Morison, Peter Slattery, Anita Duffy, Peter Duffy, Judy Small

Recorded and mixed at Honeyfarm studio, Duffy’s Forest
Peter Duffy: Producer; Neale Morison: Arranger Director; Dave Connor: Sound Engineer