The Record Collection

The Church: Starfish

Mushroom RML53266 (1988)


Side 1
101 – Destination
102 – Under The Milky Way
103 – Blood Money
104 – Lost
105 – North, South, East and West

Side 2
201 – Spark
202 – Antenna
203 – Reptile
204 – A New Season
205 – Hotel Womb


Marty Willson-Piper: Guitars, Lead Vocal on “Spark”
Richard Ploog: Drums and Percussion
Peter Koppes: Guitars, Lead Vocal on “A New Season”
Steve Kilbey: Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals
Keyboards: Greg Kuehn
Mandolin on “Antenna”: David Lindley
Synclavier: Awesome Welles
Backing Vocals: Waddy Wachtel

Produced by Greg Ladanyi, Waddy Wachtel and The Church
Engineered by Shep Lonsdale
Assistant Engineer: Duane Seykora
Mixed by Greg Ladanyi, Waddy Wachtel and Shep Lonsdale

Cover Photography: Caroline Greyshock
Inner Sleeve Photography: Michael Englert
Hand-Lettering: Bernard Maisner
Art Direction: Maude Gilman