The Record Collection

Not Drowning, Waving: Cold and the Crackle 

Rampant Releases RR040

Track list:

Side 1
101 – Yes Sir, I Can Boogee
102 – Cold and the Crackle
103 – Plog
104 – The Marriage is a Mess
105 – It Slowly Goes

Side 2
201 – Little King
202 – Sing Sing
203 – Clay
204 – Kerry’s Green
205 – Under Roof, Under Tree

CD re-issue includes:
– Sitting
– Going Up The Country


Russel Bradley – Drums, Tabla, Bowed Cymbals, Marimbas
David Bridie – Piano, Harmonium, Keyboards, Tapes, Vocals
Rowan McKinnon – Bass, Acoustic Guitar
John Phillips – Guitars
James Southall – Congas, Tambourine, Bongos, Bells, Tabla
Timothy Cole – Tapes, Sound Production, Engineering
Theresa Blake – Cello
Michael Branagan – Harmonium
Amanda Brotchie – Vocals
Andrew Carswell – Mandolin
Robby Douglas Turner – Vocals, (lyrics: Little King)
John Handlie – Flute
Maurice Lacy – Bongos (Sing Sing)
Warren siebert – Toms (Sing Sing)

Sing Sing: Taped voices from Oslobip village, highlands of Papua New Guniea.
Ponam Island Sing Sing by Alfonse Kawei and Hubert Papi and performed by Ponam islanders.

Basic tracks recorded in the great hall at Monsalvat, Eltham and Jorgy’s bedroom.
Additional tracks recorded at kwiklik recorders and working class recorders
Mixed at Kwiklik recorders

All songs engineered by Tim Cole
Produced by Tim Cole, David Bridie, Not Drowning, Waving
except Sing Sing: recorded and mixed at fast forward
engineered and prodcued by John french, Tim Cole, Not Drowning, Waving

Photography – Philip Greenwood

Cold and the Crackle released 1987