The Record Collection

Karen Dalton: Green Rocky Road

Megaphone CDMEGA18 (2008)

Track list:

01 – Green Rocky Road
02 – Whoopee Ti Yi Yo
03 – Ribbon Bow
04 – Katie Cruel
05 – Little Margret
06 – Red Rickin’ Chair
07 – Nottingham Town
08 – Skillet Good And Greasy
09 – In The Evening


Karen Dalton – 12-String Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
Richard Tucker – Guitar (#09)
Joe Loop – Drums (#09)

In the Evening starts with a conversation between Karen Dalton and her mother, Evelyn Cariker

The Loop Tapes
Pine Street recordings

Karen made the record at her cabin in Colorado with nothing but a 12-string guitar, a banjo and her voice.
Joe Loop captured the recordings on a reel-to-reel tape deck in 1963.

“At the time, Loop owned a coffee shop in Boulder called The Attic.
Young singers who were just discovering traditional folk music would stop there on the way from coast to coast.
…Dalton grew up in Oklahoma, and was married and divorced twice by the time she was 21.
In the early ’60s, she moved to Greenwich Village, where she crossed paths with Dylan, who occasionally backed her up on harmonica.

Dalton also got married for a third time, to folksinger Richard Tucker.”