The Record Collection

Janis Joplin/full tilt boogie: Pearl [Legacy Edition]

Columbia/Legacy 8279 69028 223

Track list:

Disc 1:
01 Move Over
02 Cry Baby
03 A Woman Left Lonely
04 Half Moon
05 Buried Alive in The Blues
06 My Baby
07 Me & Bobby McGee
08 Mercedes Benz
09 Trust Me
10 Get It While You Can
11 Happy Birthday, John
12 Me and Bobby McGee (demo)
13 Move Over (alternate version)
14 Cry Baby (alternate version)
15 My Baby (alternate version)
16 Pearl (instrumental)


Full Tilt Boogie:
Janis Jolpin – Vocals
Brad Campbell – Bass
Clark Pierson – Drums
Ken Pearson – Organ
John Till – Guitar
Richard Bell – Piano
Sandra Crouch – Tambourine
Bobbie Hall – Conga/Bongos
Bobby Womack – Acoustic Guitar (on “Trust Me”)
Pearl – acoustic Guitar (on “Me & Bobby McGee”)

Chorus Voices: Pearl, Full Tilt Boogie, Vince Mitchell, Phil Badella & John Cooke.

Produced by Paul A. Rothchild
Engineer: Paul Macy

Disc 2:
Janis Joplin: The Festival Express 1970

Track list:

01 Tell Mama
02 Half Moon
03 Move Over
04 Maybe
05 Summertime
06 Little Girl Blue
07 That’s Rock’n’Roll
08 Try (just a little harder)
09 Kozmic Blues
10 Piece of my Heart
11 Cry Baby
12 Get It While You Can
13 Ball and Chain


Janis Joplin – vocals
Richard Bell – Piano
Brad Campbell – Bass
John Till – Guitars
Ken Pearson – Organ
Clark Pierson – Drums

Live from The Festival Express Tour, Canada (Recorded June 28-July 4, 1970)

#01,02,07,08,09,10,11 (rec. June 28, 1970 – Toronto)
#03,06,12,13 (rec. July 4, 1970 – Calgary)
#04,05 (rec. July 1, 1970 – Winnipeg)

Festival Express is a 2003 documentary film about the eponymous 1970 train tour across Canada taken by some of North America’s most popular rock bands, including The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, The Band and Delaney & Bonnie & Friends.

The film combines live footage shot during the 1970 concerts, as well as footage aboard the train itself, interspersed with present-day interviews with tour participants sharing their often humorous recollections of the events.

The film, released by THINKFilm, was produced by Gavin Poolman (son of the original 1970 film shoot’s producer, Willem Poolman) together with John Trapman, and directed by double Grammy Award-winner Bob Smeaton (The Beatles Anthology), with music produced by Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin), and features original footage shot in 1970 by Academy Award-winning cinematographer Peter Biziou (Mississippi Burning, Pink Floyd: The Wall, The Truman Show).

The original 1970 footage was filmed by director Frank Cvitanovich. A DVD release followed the film’s 2003 theatrical run.
Festival Express was staged in three Canadian cities: Toronto, Winnipeg and Calgary, during the summer of 1970.

Rather than flying in to each city, the musicians traveled by chartered Canadian National Railways train, in a total of 14 cars (two engines, one diner, five sleepers, two lounge cars, two flat cars, one baggage car, and one staff car).

The train journey between cities ultimately became a combination of non-stop jam sessions and partying, fueled by alcohol.

One highlight of the documentary is a drunken jam session featuring The Band’s Rick Danko, the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir, NRPS John Dawson and Janis Joplin.

The event, initially billed as the Transcontinental Pop Festival, was being promoted by Eaton-Walker Associates (consisting of Thor Eaton, George Eaton, and Ken Walker) and the Industrial and Trade Shows of Canada (ITS) division of MacLean-Hunter Publishing Company and was to encompass the following cities: Montreal, QC; Toronto, ON; Winnipeg, MB; Calgary, AB; and Vancouver, BC.

The Montreal event was cancelled a few weeks before the scheduled date by Lucien Saulnier, chairman of the City of Montreal Executive Committee (and acting under authority of mayor Jean Drapeau), because it clashed with St. Jean-Baptiste Day (June 24) celebrations and there were concerns about a diluted security force and the potential for violence.
The Vancouver venue, Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) Empire Stadium, could not be secured as they were scheduled to have artificial turf (Tartan Turf) installed shortly before the scheduled event, and there was concern about damage to the turf.