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Bonnie Bramlett: Sweet Bonnie Bramlett

Columbia KC 31786

Track list:

01 – Able, Qualified And Ready
02 – Singer Man
03 – Crazy ‘Bout My Baby
04 – Got To Get Down
05 – Good Vibrations
06 – Rollin’
07 – Celebrate Life
08 – The Sorrow Of Love
09 – (You Don’t Know) How Glad I Am
10 – Don’t Wanna Go Down There


Bonnie Bramlett – Vocals, Background Vocals
Stephanie Spruill, Gloria Jones – Back-up Vocals
Lowell George
Van Dyke Parks – Marimba (#02)
Freddie Stone
Joe Sample
Bobby Womack
Average White Band:
Alan Gorrie – Bass
Roger Ball – Keyborads, saxophone
Malcolm “Molly” Duncan – sax
Owen “Onnie” Mclntyre – guitar
Hamish Stuart – guitar
Robbie Mclntosh – drums

Producer: David Anderle.
Released 1973

The backing musicians weren’t credited on this album.

Onnie McIntyre, guitarist and vocalist with the Averahe White Band (AWB), describes how the collaboration came about in an interview with Gary James at

Q – Your big break actually happened when Bonnie Bramlett of Delany and Bonnie flew the band to L.A. to back her for the “Sweet Bonnie Bramlett” album.

A – Yeah.

Q – How did she hear about you?

A – This business has an awful lot to do with contracts. Our manager at the time, a fellow called Robin Turner, had friends in the business. Eric Clapton’s tour manager was a friend of his. He subsequently left Eric and was working on the touring of Delany and Bonnie. He knew everyone. He loved the band. In fact, he brought down a tape recorder and taped our rehearsals. He lived in L.A. and was visiting London. He flew back to L.A. with the tape. While he was back, he played the tape to Bonnie. Bonnie had just split with Delaney. She wanted to do her own album on A&M Records. So, she loved the sound of the band and needed a band. So, she basically flew us over to start working on an album. That was wonderful for us because we had just formed. We hadn’t done any shows in London at that time. We’d done maybe two or three shows. It was a wonderful opportunity to fly to L.A., hang out and just see what the music business was like. Bonnie knew a lot of famous musicians. Freddie Stone from Sly’s band came down. We met Joe Sample from The Crusaders. Bobby Womack came down and played guitar on one of the tracks. It was just a wonderful experience, because people came down and hung out at the studio. We got to play with these people and it really opened our eyes to a lot of music. We were made aware of more music just by being there. So, we went out and came back with armloads of albums. We were in Los Angeles for about six weeks. We started playing some of the material we picked up in Los Angeles in our sets.

Sweet Bonnie Bramlett
Real Name: Bonnie Lynn O’Farrell
Profile: She is an american R&B/rock singer and sometime actress known for her distinctive vocals in rock and pop music. This began in the mid 1960s as a backing singer, forming the husband-and-wife team of Delaney & Bonnie, and continuing to the present day as a solo artist.Bonnie Bramlett was born November 8, 1944 in Alton, Illinois.