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Magna Carta: Seasons

Vertigo 6360 003

Track list:

01 – Seasons
01a – Prologue
01b – Winter Song
01c – Spring Poem
01d – Spring Song
01e – Summer Poem
01f – Summer Song
01g – Autumn Song
01h – Epilogue
01i – Winter Song (reprise)
02 – Going my Way
03 – Elizabethan
04 – Give me no Goodbye
05 – Ring of Stones
06 – Scarecrow Song
07 – Airport Song


Chris Simpson – Guitar, Vocals
Lyell Tranter – Guitar, Vocals
Glen Stuart – Vocals
Drums: Barry Morgan, Tony Carr (#07)
Fender Bass: Tony Visconti
String Bass: Spike Heatley
Organ, Piano: Rick Wakeman
Recorders: Tony Visconti, Tim Renwick
Electric Guitar and Sitar: Davey Johnstone (Shaggis)
Solo Cello: Peter Willison
Flute: Derek Grossmith

Produced by Gus Dudgeon (Tuesday Productions)
#01-06 recorded at Trident Studios, London
Engineer: Robin Geoffery Cable
#07 recorded at Morgan Studios, London
Engineer: Mike Bobak

This was Magna Carta’s second album, which includes the exquisite Seasons concept piece, which, to use the words of Chris Simpson, was “based on the life journey of the soul, and the rounds of the Seasons in my beloved Nidderdale”.

Magna Carta is a folk rock group originally formed in London in April 1969; their first concert was on 10 May 1969, by Chris Simpson (guitar, vocals), Lyell Tranter (guitar, vocals), and Glen Stuart (vocals).
Although never purely a folk band, they managed to successfully bridge the gap between folk and folk rock. The trio released albums for Fontana Records and Vertigo Records, enjoying particular success with 1970’s Seasons before Tranter returned to Australia. Davey Johnstone joined the line-up as his replacement, recording Songs From Wasties Orchard and In Concert with the band before leaving to work with Elton John, with whom he is still playing.
— wikipedia