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Catl.: Soon This Will All Be Gone

weewerk 040

Track list:

01 – Kassie Jones (Intro)
02 – Gold Tooth Shine
03 – Talk Too Much Blues
04 – Gotta Thing For You
05 – Cinderblocks
06 – He’ll Make A Way
07 – 5 Miles
08 – Cocaine
09 – Get Outta My Car
10 – Goodnight, Irene (Outro)


Jamie Fleming (aka catl) – guitar, vocals
Sarah Kirkpatrick – organ, percussion, vocals
Andrew Moszynski – drums
Harmonica Shah, Danny Kroha, Pete Ross – harmonica
Dan Nash – vocals

The Toronto-based band spent last summer piecing together their latest little number from two exotic locales.
First, huddled in the chicken slaughterhouse that is Detroit’s Ghetto Recorders, with the amicable/surly ear of Jim Diamond.
Then back in Toronto for a scorching session helmed by Jeff McMurrich at 6 Nassau, in the caring yet grubby embrace of Kensington Market.
Both engineers figured heavily in the bands’ first two sonically satisfying releases.

On this latest record, catl. invited three ‘special- guest’ harmonica players; Texas bluesman Harmonica Shah, Danny Kroha (The Gories, Demolition Doll Rods) and Toronto’s city’s very own Pete Ross (The Speaking Tongues) to join in.
Also, not to be overlooked, are the soothing vocal harmonies of Dani Nash (The Pining) – a true giant in our hearts.

Recently anointed time-keeper Andrew Moszynski (The Deadly Snakes) allows the band to get out on the road, so in 2012 we’re bringing the dance-party beat to a town near you!
Whether you call it ‘rhythm and blues’, ‘rock and roll’ or simply ‘dance music’, it’s gonna make you jump up, drink up and grind down!


Catl. tells Dave Alexander ( that halfway through the recording process, our drummer, Johnny LaRue, quit, which certainly put a crook in things, so Sarah and I essentially finished recording the album ourselves, here in Toronto – the stuff we did with Johnny was in Detroit.
That was the first of many problems.
Then we were wondering who’s going to put [the album] out, because we used to put [our music] out on Johnny’s label, and Sarah and I weren’t really set up to do that.
So we replaced the drummer and got Andrew Moszynski, who used to be in the Deadly Snakes.
Plus, we put a bunch of covers on the record, and we ran into a bunch of licensing problems – well, not problems, but we had to go through the process of tracking those people down and getting permission.
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