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Yusef Lateef: Jazz Mood (1957)

Savoy MG 12103 (SV-0237)

Track list:

01 – Metaphor
02 – Yusef’s Mood
03 – The Beginning
04 – Morning
05 – Blues in Space


Yusef Lateef – Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Woodwind (Argol), Scraper
Curtis Fuller – Trombone, Tambourine, Finger Cymbals
Hugh Lawson – Piano
Ernie Farrow – Bass, Percussion (Rabat)
Louis Hayes – Drums
Doug Watkins – Percussion

Recorded in New York City on April 9, 1957

Producer: Ozzie Cadena

Also issued (France) in 1969 as “Blues In Space” as part of BYG Records’ “Jazz Masters Serie” (BYG 529152)

Yusef Lateef: born William Emanuel Huddleston in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on October 9, 1920; his family moved to Detroit, Michigan, in 1925.
Although Lateef’s main instruments are the tenor saxophone and flute, he also plays oboe and bassoon, both rare in jazz, and also uses a number of world music instruments, notably the bamboo flute, shanai, shofar, Xun, arghul, sarewa, and koto. He is known for his innovative blending of jazz with “Eastern” music.
Jazz Mood is the debut album by multi-intrumentalist Yusef Lateef recorded in 1957 and released on the Savoy label. The album was produced from Lateef’s second recording session but was the first album released under his leadership.

Yusef Lateef catalog (

1957 (age 37)

Yusef Lateef/A.K. Salim – Stablemates (Savoy MG 12115)
Curtis Fuller (tb, tamb) Yusef Lateef (ts, fl, argol, scraper) Hugh Lawson (p) Ernie Farrow (b, rabat) Louis Hayes (d) Doug Watkins (finger cymb, per)
NYC, April 5, 1957
SYL70005 Beauregard
SYL70010 Ameena
same personnel
NYC, April 9, 1957
SYL70015 G’ Bouk

Yusef Lateef – Jazz For Thinkers (Savoy MG 12109)
same personnel
NYC, April 5, 1957
SYL70006 O’ Blues
SYL70007 Happyology
SYL70008 Midday
SYL70009 Polarity
SYL70011 Space

Yusef Lateef – Jazz Moods (Savoy MG 12103)
same personnel
NYC, April 9, 1957
SYL70012 Metaphore
SYL70013 Morning
SYL70014 The Beginning
SYL70016 Blues In Space
SYL70017 Yusef’s Mood

The Music Of Yusef Lateef – Before (Verve MGV 8217)
Curtis Fuller (tb) Yusef Lateef (ts, fl) unknown (vib) Hugh Lawson (p) Ernie Farrow (b) Louis Hayes (d)
NYC, April 16, 1957
20858-3 Passion
20859-6 Love Is Eternal
20860-8 Pike’s Peak
20861-11 Open Strings
20862-14 Before Dawn
20863-15 Twenty Five Minute Blues
20864-16 Chang Chang Chang
20865-19 Constellation