The Record Collection

Matthias Müller: Passion (1996)

AIM 2196

Track list:

01 – Passion
02 – Urwald (Jungle)
03 – Earthly Power I
04 – In Love
05 – View From The Mountains
06 – Sunrise
07 – Energy
08 – Movement
09 – Alphorn
10 – Streitgespräche (Dispute)
11 – Bunyiptanz (Bunyip Dance)
12 – Freestyle I
13 – Freestyle II
14 – Earthly Power II
15 – Leben und Tod (Life and Death)


Matthias Müller – didgeridoo

Born in Liestal/Switzerland in 1972, of Swiss and French parents.

Matthias grew up in Basel, graduated from business school and has worked as a musician since 1982.

As a teenager, Matthias began focusing on archaic traditional music and its history, with special interest in soundscape and experimental music, studying the didgeridoo long before the instrument became popular in Europe.

Since 1994, Matthias has made numerous study trips to Australia (Arnhemland).

From 1997, he has been privileged as one of the few outsiders to study with the traditional masters Djalu Gurruwiwi and M. Mununggurr.

Being close to and socially accepted by the clan, authentic knowledge is gained, unfiltered by western cultural views and interpretations.
As part of his intense study of the Aboriginal culture, in 2000 Matthias created an archive (recordings of traditional music, film material, books) to make this information available to a broader public.

The archive includes a large collection of historical and ritually important yidakis (didgeridoos), some of which were donated by Aborigines.

Matthias Müller in his own words:

Passion expresses my own passion for the didgeridoo.

I am forever exploring the possibilities of this instrument – perfecting the tone quality, exploring the sounds and combining them with varying music styles.

By demonstrating its musical qualities, I seek to let the didgeridoo be more than just a source of sound.

The recordings were made in the Protestant church of Hinwil, Switzerland in 1996.

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