The Record Collection

Penguin Cafe Orchestra: Music from the Penguin Cafe (1974-76)

Editions EG EEGCD 27

Track list:

01 – Penguin Cafe Single
02a – Zopf: From the Colonies (for N.R.)
02b – Zopf: In a Sydney Motel
02c – Zopf: Surface Tension (where the trees meet the sky)
02d – Zopf: Milk
02e – Zopf: Coronation
02f – Zopf: Giles Farnaby’s Dream
02g – Zopf: Pigtail
03 – The sound of someone you love who’s going away and it doesn’t matter
04 – Hugebaby
05 – Chartered Flight


Penguin Cafe Quartet:
Helen Liebmann – Cello
Gavyn Wright – Violin, Viola
Steve Nye – Electric Piano
Simon Jeffes – Guitar

#2a-2g (ZOPF):
Simon Jeffes – Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Cuatro (Quatro), Spinet, Electric Piano, Percussion (mouth), vocals, Cello (#2b), Zither (Cheng), effects (Ring Modulator)
Helen Liebmann – Cello
Gavyn Wright – Violin, viola
Neil Rennie – Ukulele (#2f)
Emily Young – vocals
mixed by: Steve Nye

Recorded on location between 1974-1976

Producer: Simon Jeffes, Steve Nye
Executive-producer: Brian Eno

Neil Rennie – Words (#1-2c,2e-5)
Painting: Emily Young

Giles Farnaby (1560-1640), Simon Jeffes (1949-1997)