The Record Collection

Various Artists: Keb Darge’s Legendary Deep Funk (vol 1) (1997)

Barely Breaking Even BBECD 004

Track list:

01 – Zambezi -Fun Company
02 – Dap Walk -Ernie & Topnotes Inc.
03 – I Who Have Nothing -Ray Frazier & Shades Of Madness
04 – Gimme Some Skin -Frank Penn
05 – Kick the Habit -Prophet Soul
06 – Too Hot to Hold -The UFOs
07 – Sagittarius Black -Timothy McNealy
08 – Quit Jive’in -Pearl Queen
09 – Put Your Own Words to It -Billy
10 – Cross Bronx Expressway -Cross Bronx Expressway
11 – Grease Wheels -Smokin’ Shades Of Black
12 – The (Rockin’) Courtroom -Judge Suds & Soul Detergents
13 – How About It -Big Bo Thomas & the Arrows
14 – Who Dun It -The Originals Orchestra
15 – Soul Power -Lil Ray & Fantastic Four
16 – Ou-Wee Man -Dave Serrano
17 – Going Down for the Last Time -Ronnie Keaton
18 – The First Thing I Do in the Morning -Joyce Williams
19 – Can’t Fight the Feeling -Norwich Street Extension
20 – I Wanna Be Loved by You -Family of Eve
21 – Please Be Truthful -Family of Eve

So much has been written about Keb Darge over the last four years (and you can read about him elsewhere on the site), his name has become synonymous with the Deep Funk movement.

As someone who has spent a lifetime enjoying and looking for music he was the ideal candidate to compile albums for a bunch of music lovers like BBE.

Keb takes up the story: ‘Being the selfish, egotistical collector that I am, I initially told Ben and Peter to bugger off when they asked me to compile this album.

I had spent over twenty three years fighting with giant cockroaches in dust filled warehouses across the Atlantic to find some of these tunes, others came into my happy collection through throwing barrow loads of £20 notes at gentlemen from ‘up north’ who had similar fights with different cockroaches.

Why should you have access to these tunes by simply walking into the shop you’ve just walked into and paying the paltry amount
you’ve just paid.

“Well Keb” quipped the young Pete (Adarkwah- BBE label boss) “this will give people who have not heard you a chance to sample a
Keb Darge set and when they realise how strong and exclusive it is you’ll get loads more work, and women will want you.”

Bearing in mind that my egotistical side is stronger than my selfish side that was enough to inspire me.’ This is the first of Keb’s ‘Legendary series’ it trawls through his collection of sixties and seventies funk, many of the artist only ever had one release, not much is known about most of them, though as the Deep Funk movement grows, there is a small band of dedicated followers who are gradually finding out the background of some of the people involved.

We salute them all.