The Record Collection

Various Artists: Keb Darge’s Legendary Deep Funk (vol 3) (1999)

Barely Breaking Even BBECD 020

Track list:

01 – Back Yard -Prince Valiant
02 – Lock Jaw -Lee Sykes
03 – Funky Chicken -The Dynamic Concepts
04 – Pad Out -The Unknown
05 – Sissy Walk -Freedom Now
06 – I’ll Be There -Franciene Thomas
07 – Raggedy Bag -Reggie Saddler
08 – I’m Hungary -Johnnie Morisette
09 – What Goes Around Comes Around -Arthur Monday
10 – Quack, Quack, Quack -Paul Jackson
11 – Funky In Here -Dayton Sidewinders
12 – Fell Into A Bag (Ian Wright Remix) -River City
13 – Al’s Place -Enrique Olivarez
14 – Future 2 -The Personations
15 – Feel The Shock -Black Fur
16 – Sunshine Pt 1 -Scacy & The Sounds Of Sunshine
17 – We Want To Play -Brass Horizon
18 – Boogie With Your Baby -Willie J. & Co.
19 – Free Your Mind -Record Player
20 – Losing You -Courtial

The third in this magnificent series of Deep Funk compilations by the extra-ordinary Mr. Darge promises even more delights than the previous two!

The first 4 tracks take us through the transformation of R&B and boogaloo into the beginnings of funk. This is then followed by a journey
through the late 60’s and we are presented with 4 more great tracks, which illustrate the technological advances of the early 70’s.

There are a few other gems like the records Sunshine and We Just Want To Play which join the dots between funk, soul and the coming disco era.

And on top of all these treats we are also given the privilege of a magnificent Ian Wright remix of Fell Into A Bag!