The Record Collection

Various Artists: Close to Home (1997)

subtitled: Old Time Music from Mike Seeger’s Collection (1952-1967)

Smithsonian Folkways SFW 40097

Track list:

01 – In the Sweet Bye and Bye -Elizabeth Cotton
02 – Tie Your Dog, Sally Gal -Will Adam
03 – Banjo Instrumental -J. C. “Cleve” Sutphin
04 – Lost Train Blues -Vernon L. Sutphin
05 – Shortening Bread -Vernon L. Sutphin and J. C. “Cleve” Sutphin
06 – The Train that Carried My Girl from Town -Vernon L. Sutphin and J. C. “Cleve” Sutphin
07 – Old Gambling Man -J Neece
08 – John Henry -J. J. Neece, Vernon L. Sutphin and J. C. “Cleve” Sutphin
09 – Shout, Little Lulu -Louise Foreacre
10 – He Will Set Your Fields on Fire -Kilby Snow, Mike Seeger
11 – Gather in the Golden Grain -Ernest Stoneman and Hattie Stoneman
12 – Going to Lay Down My Burdens -Elizabeth White and Gideon Craig
13 – John Henry -Leslie Riddle
14 – Pretty Fair Damsel -Tom Ashley
15 – It’s These Hard Times -Pearly ‘Grandma’ Davis
16 – Old-Time Reel -Pearly ‘Grandma’ Davis
17 – Jackson Schottische -L.Hall
18 – Lone Prairie -Wade Ward
19 – Molly, Put the Kettle On -Wade Ward
20 – Last Gold Dollar -Edsel Martin and Bill McElreath
21 – John Henry -Bill Davis and Jean Davis
22 – Three Nights Drunk -The Blue Ridge Buddies, Estil C. Ball, Orna Ball and Blair Reedy
23 – Jimmie Sutton -The Blue Ridge Buddies, Estil C. Ball, Orna Ball and Blair Reedy
24 – Going to Lay Down My Old Guitar -Snuffy Jenkins and Ira Dimmery
25 – Black Mountain Rag -Arthur Smith, Sam McGee and Kirk McGee
26 – A Talk on the World -Clyde Lewis
27 – Red Wing -“Lost John” Ray and Walt Koken
28 – Leather Breeches -A. C. “Eck” Robertson and The New Lost City Ramblers
29 – Blackberry Blossom -Sherman Lawson
30 – Alabama Girls -Emmitt Cole
31 – Old Joe Clark -George Landers
32 – Sugar Baby -Dock Boggs
33 – Queen Sally -Archie Sturgill
34 – Poor Orphan Child -Kate Peters Sturgill
35 – My Virginia Rose -Scott Boatright
36 – I’m Leaving You -Maybelle Carter and Sara Carter Bayes
37 – He Said if You Love Me, Feed My Sheep -Stancer Quartet
38 – I Would Not Live Always -Clarence Ferrill

Produced, Recorded & Compiled by Mike Seeger

Liner notes: Mike Seeger

Cover photo by Alice Gerrard
Photography by Mike Seeger

Mastered by Dave Glasser;
Design by Visual Dialogue

Close to Home (notes) (pdf 4.59MB)

In the 1950’s and sixties musician-collector Mike Seeger, inspired by the great folksong collectors of the 1930’s, visited traditional musicians of the rural South.

This is his hand-picked selection of the recordings made during those visits.

Included in the 38 selections are previously unreleased recordings by the well-known Sara & Maybelle Carter, Arthur Smith, Elizabeth Cotten, and Dock Boggs, as well as treasures by lesser-known artists.

The enclosed booklet contains photographs and notes on the performance, which include virtuoso fiddle, banjo, and guitar music, unaccompanied ballad singing, and a story-teller entertaining his buddies in a fiddler’s convention parking lot.