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Paul Kelly: Spring and Fall (2012)

Gawd Aggie GAWD CD 022C


01 – New Found Year
02 – When A Woman Loves A Man
03 – For The Ages
04 – Gonna Be Good
05 – Someone New
06 – Time And Tide
07 – Sometimes My Baby
08 – Cold As Canada
09 – I’m On Your Side
10 – None Of Your Business Now
11 – Little Aches And Pains
12 – O Mistress Mine


Paul Kelly – acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Dan Kelly – acoustic guitar, harmony vocals
Greg “J” Walker – upright bass guitar, dobro, violin, harmonica
Dan Luscombe – piano
Peter Luscombe – drums, percussion
Linda Bull – vocals
Vika Bull – vocals
Laura Jean – vocals
Atila and Karoline Kuti – violin, viola, cello
Genevieve Lacey – recorder

Recorded: South Gippsland; July–August 2012

Producer: Paul Kelly, Dan Kelly, Greg “J” Walker
Mixer: Paul Kelly, Dan Kelly, Greg “J” Walker

Cover design: Peter Salmon-Lomas
Painting: Catharina

Spring and Fall is the nineteenth studio album by Paul Kelly, an Australian singer-songwriter.

After releasing his live 8× CD box set, The A – Z Recordings in September 2010, for about a year-and-a-half, Kelly was performing and being filmed for a musical documentary, Paul Kelly: Stories of Me (November 2012).

Afterwards Kelly began work on Spring and Fall – its recording started in July 2012 using an old country hall in South Gippsland where he was joined by his nephew, Dan Kelly, and Machine Translations’ Greg “J” Walker.

It was mixed by mid-August and was produced by Kelly, Dan and Walker (C. W. Stoneking, The Whitlams).

Kelly had written about two-thirds of the album’s tracks over the previous year-and-a-half but some were up to five years-old.

Kelly developed a song cycle which encouraged people to listen to the album in its entirety with each track leading into the next.
The lead single, “New Found Year”, a digital download only release, was released on 1 October 2012 ahead of the album.

“New Found Year” is a love song that borrows words from 16th Century English poet, John Donne’s “To His Mistress Going to Bed”.
—wikipedia (Nov 2012)