The Record Collection

Stan Kenton Orchestra: Adventures in Jazz (1961)

Capitol Records ST 1796
21222 (1999)

Adventures in Jazz

Track list:

01 – Turtle Talk
02 – Stairway to the Stars
03 – Limehouse Blues
04 – Malaguena
05 – Misty
06 – Waltz of the Prophets
07 – Body and Soul
+bonus tracks (not on original LP)
08 – It Might as Well Be Spring
09 – Waltz of the Prophets (first version)
10 – Body And Soul (first version)


Gabe Baltazar – alto (lead)
Buddy Arnold, Paul Renzi – tenor
Sam Donahue – tenor (soloist)
Allen Beutler – baritone
Joel Kaye – bass
Bob Fitzpatrick (lead), Dee Barton, Newell Parker
Bass Trombones:
Dave Wheeler, Jim Amlotte
Dalton Smith (lead), Bob Behrendt, Bob Rolfe, Marv Stamm, Norman Baltazar
Ray Starling (lead), Carl Saunders, Dwight Carver, Keith La Motte
Pat Senatore
Jerry McKenzie
Dee Barton (#1,6,9), Bill Holman (#2-4), Gene Roland (#5), Sam Donahue (#7,10), Lennie Niehaus (#8)

#1,5: Recorded at Capitol Studios, Los Angeles, CA; December 14, 1961
#2: Recorded at Capitol Studios, Los Angeles, cA; December 11, 1961
#3,4,6,7: Recorded at Capitol Studios, Los Angeles, CA; December 12, 1961
#8 Recorded at Capitol Studios, Los Angeles, cA; July 5, 1961
#9,10: Recorded at the Manhattan Center, New York City, NY; September26, 1961.

#9,10 are in mono. The static at the end of #10 is on the original tape.

Original sessions Producer: Lee Gillette

Re-issue Producer (1999): Michael Cuscuna


The type of Mellophonium used by Stan Kenton’s orchestra, used mellophone mouthpieces and a specially designed French horn-trumpet hybrid mouthpiece for Stan Kenton’s band.

[…] C.G. Conn developed the 16E “Mellophonium” and first marketed it in 1957.

Contrary to popular legend, Kenton himself was not involved in the design of the Mellophonium, though he provided an endorsement for Conn’s advertising, upon adopting the instrument, in 1961.

The new instrument was used by Kenton to “bridge the gap” in tonalities between his trumpet and trombone sections.

Kenton used a four-man Mellophonium section between 1961 and 1963 on 11 albums.

The Vincent Bach Corporation also produced a mellophonium, with the coils of piping more reminiscent of the cornet.
~wikipedia (Dec 2012)