The Record Collection

The Pharaohs: Awakening (1971)

Scarab Records SR-#001
Luv N’ Haight LHCD 025 (1996)


Track list:

01 – Damballa
02 – Ibo
03 – Tracks Of My Tears
04 – Black Enuff
05 – Somebody’s Been Sleeping
06 – Freedom Road
07 – Great House


Pharaoh – Ealee Satterfield: bass, cow bell, vocals;
Pharaoh – (Big) Willie Woods: trombone, bassoon, baritone horn, big black drum;
Pharaoh – Oye Bisi (Nalls): African drums, cow bell, conga, tambourine;
Pharaoh – Shango Njoko: African drums, tumba, vocals;
Pharaoh – Black Herman (Waterford): quinto drum, alto sax;
Pharaoh – Don “Hippmo” (Myrick): alto/tenor/baritone saxes, flute, cow bell;
Pharaoh – Yehudah Ben Israel: guitar, lead vocals;
Pharaoh – Alious (Walkins): trap drums, tumba;
Pharaoh – Derf Reklaw Raheem (Fred Walker): African drums, tumba, flute, conga, cow bell, vocals;
Pharaoh – Aaron |Ifad| Dodd: tuba, tambourine, baritone Horn;
Pharaoh – |Ki| (Charlesleesunnychukkiyahuhandyki): trumpet, peck horn, Africa Shawm, flugelhorn, percussion, vocals;

Recorded: RCA Studios – One North Wacker, Chicago, Illinois.

Producer: E. Rodney Jones, Hillary Johnson, The Pharaohs
Recording Engineer: Brian Christian, Stu Welder (#3,4)

Re-mix Engineer: Roger S. Anfinsen
8-Track Recording Studio

Mastered by: George Horn

Artwork by: Pharaoh Berry
Photography: Tom Hill

Originally released on Scarab Records (SR-#001) in 1972

The Pharaohs, an American soul/jazz/funk group, were formed in 1962 out of a student band, The Jazzmen, at Crane Junior College in Chicago, Illinois.

This early incarnation comprised Louis Satterfield on trombone, Charles Handy on trumpet, and Don Myrick on alto saxophone.

They were joined by Fred Humphrey on piano, Ernest McCarthy on bass guitar and Maurice White on drums.

Satterfield, White, and Handy were studio musicians at Chess Records in Chicago.
On the South Side of Chicago the Affro Arts Theater offered concerts, as well as classes in music and dance.

As the name suggests the theater represented the strong African-American nature of the area and the times.

It was here that the Jazzmen merged with the Artistic Heritage Ensemble to form The Pharaohs.
~wikipedia (Dec 2012)