The Record Collection

Mike Nock: Ondas (1981)

ECM 829 161


Track list:

01 – Forgotten Love
02 – Ondas
03 – Visionary
04 – Land Of The Long White Cloud
05 – Doors


Mike Nock – piano;
Eddie Gomez – double bass;
Jon Christensen – drums.

Recorded: Talent Studio, Oslo, Norway; November 1981

Producer: Manfred Eicher
Recording Engineer: Jan Erik Kongshaug

Cover Photography: Frank Albiez
Liner Photography: Anita Shatz
Cover design: Barbara Wojirsch

“Manfred (Manfred Eicher) wrote me a letter after hearing In Out and Around, saying he wished that album had been on ECM and telling me he wanted to make a trio recording with Gomez, Christensen and myself.

I played quite often with Gomez on recordings and tours, but never with Christensen.

The first day in the studio the trio played quite differently – free high energy jazz, which was erased before I even heard it!

I loved the session but Manfred seemed disinterested.

The next morning he got up at dawn and we began recording around 9am.

By 11am we were finished as he knew he had what he wanted.

It was a very collaborative session.

The first piece; ‘Shadows of Forgotten Love’ was on In Out and Around but Manfred had his own vision for the piece, suggesting I just play the first 16 bars and forget about the bridge section.

We finished the first take and I saw Manfred gesticulating wildly in the control room for us to continue – which we did and which you can actually hear on the recording.

It was all very spontaneous and a wonderfully unusual collaborative experience for me.

I was very much into Brazilian music and culture at the time (‘Ondas’ means ‘waves’ in Portuguese) but interestingly enough I came up with the title while on one of my frequent visits to Nelson NZ, situated on Golden Bay.

Manfred loved the title, as apart from the sound of the word it also had a somewhat enigmatic quality, as he felt very few people would know what it actually meant”.
~Mike Nock [Sept. 15, 2010]