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Mike Nock Project: Meeting of The Waters (2007)

Jazzhead Head086

Meeting of The Waters

Track list:

01 – The Six Virtues
02 – Mysteries
03 – Jazz Elective #2
04 – Patience
05 – Cyboreal
06 – Atavism
07 – Meeting Of The Waters
08 – Sho’s Cradle Song


Julian Wilson – tenor sax:
James Greening – trombone:
Steve Magnusson – guitar:
Dale Gorfinkle – vibraphone:
Tim Wilson – alto sax;
Eugene Ball – trumpet;
Toby Hall – drums;
Brett Hirst – bass;
Mike Nock – piano.

Recorded at Studio 345, ABC Studio, Melbourne

Mixed & Mastered at Studio 345, ABC Studio.

Recording originally commissioned for ‘Jazztrack with Mal Stanley’ on ABC Classic FM.

Photography by: Gerard Anderson.
Cover design: Pete Barrett.

Released 01 December 2007

Thanks to: Mal Stanley, Adrian Jackson, Martin Jackson, Gerard Anderson and all the musicians for their wonderful playing and supportive attitude throughout (special thanks to James G. for driving etc) and Jackson Harrison and Mike Majkowski for their great compositions.

This project was assisted by the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council (its arts funding and advisory board).
Australian Jazz artist Mike Nock originally formed the Mike Nock Project for the Wangaratta Festival in 2004.

The musicians were chosen both for their individual abilities and for the way they would interact in this context.

After an astounding debut performance, a recording was inevitable, Meeting Of The Waters followed shortly after.

There are many moments of extraordinary music making throughout this recording, the kind of joyous magic that can only happen when a relaxed and supportive musical camaraderie is aligned with a strong unity of purpose.
~Jazzhead (2008)