The Record Collection

Weather Report: Heavy Weather (1977)

Columbia PC 34418

Heavy Weather

Track list:

01 – Birdland
02 – A Remark You Made
03 – Teen Town
04 – Harlequin
05 – Rumba Mama
06 – Palladium
07 – The Juggler
08 – Havona


Wayne Shorter – soprano & tenor saxes;
Joe Zawinul – vocals, piano, synthesizer;
Jaco Pastorius – vocals, bass, mando-cello, drums;
Alex Acuna – drums, percussion;
Manolo Badrena – tambourine, congas, percussion, vocals.

REcorded: at the Devonshire Sound Studios in North Hollywood, California; late 1976 – early 1977

Producer: Joe Zawinul
Co-Producer: Jaco Pastorius
Assistant Producer: Wayne Shorter
Engineer: Ron Molo
Assistant Engineer: Jerry Hudgins, Brian Risner

Chief Meteorologist: Brian Risner

Illustration: Lou Beach
Photography: Keith Williamson
Design: Nancy Donald

The album was first released in LP format worldwide throughout Columbia Records, CBS Records, Sony Records, and other minor record labels.  In 1984, it was first released in CD format in the U.S. on Columbia Records.  In 1992, the album was remastered, and, in 2002, published in Super Audio CD format.