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Nairobi Trio: Live at The McDonald Winery (1997)

Zulu Records

Live at The McDonald Winery

Track list:

01 – Puketapu
02 – I’m Coming Virginia
03 – East of Eden
04 – Swing is the Thing
05 – Take Good Care of my Heart
06 – All my Tomorrows
07 – Mack the Knife
08 – Is That So
09 – Because We’ve Ended as Lovers
10 – Pointing to the Exit
11 – Rubbernecking
12 – All of Me


Richard Adams – violin, vocals;
Nigel Gavin – guitar, Gavintronics, vocals;
John Quigley – guitar, vocals;
Peter Koopman – bass, vocals.

Recorded: live in the Cuve Hall at The McDonald Winery, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand; October 31 and November 1-2, 1997.

Producer: Nairobi Trio & Andrew Dixon
Engineer: Andrew Dixon

Mixed & Mastered at: Impact Studios, Auckland

Art direction: Richard Adams
Graphic deesign: Michelle Davies
Cover photography: Sarah Adams
Live at the McDonald Winery is Nairobi Trio’s fourth album.

[…]Since their inception in 1989, Nairobi Trio have become New Zealand’s favourite jazz band.

They tour regularly throughout the world, appearing at major festivals in New Zealand, the UK, Europe, Australia and Asia.

[…] On tour Nairobi Trio perform as a quartet. With the inclusion of Andrew Dixon on saxophones/ flute/ vocals, the trio line-up of Richard Adams (Violin/ vocals), John Quigley (Guitar/ vocals) and Peter Koopman (Bass/ vocals) will take you on a musical journey, in a show packed with some real gems.

Richard Adams – Violin, Vocals
Richard’s enthusiasm for music extends to other artforms such as painting and acting. Musically he received critical acclaim with Neon Quaver and with his own Richard Adams Quartet had the opportunity to play with legendary flautist Paul Horn at the Wellington International Arts Festival.But it is as the focal point of the Nairobi Trio that Richard’s performance truly excels.

John Quigley – Guitar, Vocals
Originally with the Bongos and Big Sideways, John won the New Zealand Music Award for best song and new group. He continues his passion for writing original acoustic music and songs with the Nairobi Trio. John manages the band and plays drums on some recordings.

Peter Koopman – Bass, Vocals
Peter’s bass playing began in big bands and musical stage shows. Peter provided the original swing rhythm section for Wentworth-Brewster and Co. and he now provides the distinctive pulse driving the Nairobi Trio’s unique sound.

Andrew Dixon – Saxophones, Vocals
While he is a multi-talented musician who can turn his hand to any of a dozen instruments, it was Andrew’s mastery of the saxophone that caught the ear of the Nairobi Trio. A former member of the Inner-City Jazz Workshop, Andrew is also an award winning sound engineer who recorded and co-produced two of the Nairobi Trio’s CDs, Shelf Life and Live at the McDonald Winery. In 1998 he released his own CD, The Art of Sax. [Jan 2013]

Dunno if you know about the little joke involved with the band’s name. Back when I was a little kid, there was an innovative television comedian in the US named Ernie Kovacs, and one of the set pieces on his show was the Nairobi Trio -which was made up of 3 people made-up as chimps, one of them Kovacs. They played a tune called Song of the Nairobi Trio which was a bouncy version of Pease porridge. Ernie got his bowler hat drummed on by one of his fellow apes. You can find this on YouTube.
~[online comment]