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Various Artists: CTI Records – The Cool Revolution (1970-80/2010)

The Cool Revolution

Track list:

Disc 1: Straight Up

01. Sugar -Stanley Turrentine
02. Moment’s Notice -Hubert Laws
03. So What -Ron Carter
04. Autumn Leaves -Chet Baker
05. Speed Ball – Stanley Turrentine with Milt Jackson
06. The Intrepid Fox -Freddie Hubbard
07. Ifrane -Randy Weston
08. Free As A Bird -Don Sebesky (ft. Freddie Hubbard, Grover Washington Jr.)
09. So What -George Benson

Disc 2: Deep Grooves / Big Hits

01. Red Clay -Freddie Hubbard
02. It’s Too Late -Johnny Hammond
03. Home Is Where The Hatred Is -Esther Phillips
04. We Got A Good Thing Going -Hank Crawford
05. White Rabbit -George Benson
06. Fire And Rain -Hubert Laws
07. What A Difference A Day Makes -Esther Phillips
08. Follow Your Heart -Joe Farrell
09. Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001) -Deodato
10. Mister Magic -Grover Washington Jr.

Disc 3: The Brazilian Connection

01. Stone Flower -Antonio Carlos Jobim
02. Ponteio -Astrud Gilberto with Stanley Turrentine
03. First Light -Freddie Hubbard
04. Salt Song -Stanley Turrentine
05. Pensativa -Hubert Laws
06. Tombo In 7/4 -Airto
07. Sunflower -Milt Jackson
08. Return To Forever -Airto
09. Wave -Paul Desmond
10. Carly & Carole -Deodato
11. Brazil [alt tk] -Antonio Carlos Jobim

Disc 4: Cool And Classic

01. My Funny Valentine -Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker
02. All Blues -Ron Carter
03. Song To A Seagull -Don Sebesky (ft. Paul Desmond)
04. Pavane -Hubert Laws
05. What’ll I Do -Chet Baker
06. Westchester Lady -Bob James
07. A Child Is Born -Kenny Burrell
08. Take Five -George Benson
09. Concierto De Aranjuez -Jim Hall

The Cool Revolution (Gatefold)

In 1970, jazz producer Creed Taylor went independent with CTI (Creed Taylor Inc.), the label he formed three years earlier as a jazz subsidiary of A&M Records.

In the decade that followed, CTI, its music, its style, and its discriminating quality transformed contemporary jazz.

Taylor assembled and developed an historic roster of artists, supported by a justly acclaimed creative team, headed by engineer Rudy van Gelder.

The CTI roster worked almost like a repertory company, in which great musicians took turns in the spotlight and accompanying each other.

The albums they and their colleagues created set new standards in their look as well as their sound.

The immediate success of CTI’s recordings has echoed across the decades in a profound influence on jazz, pop, R B, and hip-hop.

Re-mastered for the first time using the original two-track analogue masters, this four-CD set celebrates the vintage years of CTI, when a distinctive style and sound were born.

Each disc represents an aspect of CTI’s artistic personality — straight-up jazz, big hits, the Brazilian influence, and cool, classic sounds.

Released: 2010
Label: Masterworks Jazz
76821 [2010]

Produced by Richard Seidel.
Mastered by Mark Wilder and Maria Triana at Battery Studios, NYC.

Original recordings produced by Creed Taylor.
Original recordings engineered by Rudy van Gelder.

The Cool Revolution (5 box 2)


Disc 1: [Straight Up]

CD1#01: Stanley Turrentine (ts), Freddie Hubbard (tpt), Lonnie L. Smith (el-p), Ron Carter (b), Billy Kaye (d)
CD1#02: Hubert Laws (fl), Ronnie Laws (ts), Bob James (el-p), Ron Carter(b), Steve Gadd (d)
CD1#03: Hubert Laws (fl), Roland Hanna (el-p), Jay Berliner (g), Ron Carter(b), Billy Cobham (d), Ralph MacDonald (perc)
CD1#04: Hubert Laws (afl, fl), Romeo Penque (fl, cl), George Marge (fl, ob), Chet Baker (tpt), Paul Desmond (as), Bob James (el-p), Dave Friedman (vib), Ron Carter (b), Steve Gadd (d)
CD1#05: Stanley Turrentine (ts), Bob James (el-p), Milt Jackson (vib), Cornell Dupree (g), Ron Carter (b), Billy Cobham (d)
CD1#06: Freddie Hubbard (tpt), Joe Henderson (ts), Herbie Hancock (el-p), Ron Carter (b), Lenny White (d)
CD1#07: Grover Washington, Jr. (ts), Randy Weston (el-p), Ron Carter(b), Billy Cobham (d), Airto Moreira (perc), Don Sebesky (arr)
CD1#08: Don Sebesky (el-p, arr), Ron Carter(b el-b, pic-b), Billy Cobham (d)
CD1#09: Clarence Palmer (org), George Benson (el-g), Ron Carter(b), Jack DeJohnette (d)

Disc 2: [Deep Grooves / Big Hits]

CD2#01: Freddie Hubbard (tpt), Joe Henderson (ts), Herbie Hancock (el-p), Ron Carter (b), Lenny White (d)
CD2#02: Danny Moore (tpt), Hank Crawford (as), Grover Washington, Jr. (ts), Johnny Hammond (org), Eric Gale (g), Johnny Williams (el-b), Billy Cobham (d), Airto Moreira (perc)
CD2#03: Esther Phillips (vcl), Hank Crawford (as), Richard Tee (p, org), Eric Gale (g), Cornell Dupree (g), Gordon Edwards (b), Bernard Purdie (d), Airto Moreira (perc), Pee Wee Ellis (arr)
CD2#04: Hank Crawford (as), George Benson (el-g), Gordon Edwards (b), Bernard Purdie (d), Don Sebesky (arr)
CD2#05: Hubert Laws (afl, fl, pic-fl), Herbie Hancock (el-p), Earl Klugh (g), George Benson (el-g), Ron Carter (b), Billy Cobham (d), Airto Moreira (perc, vcl), Don Sebesky (arr)
CD2#06: Hubert Laws (fl), Bob James (el-p), Dave Friedman (vib), Ron Carter (b), Freddie Waits (d), Airto Moreira (perc), Richie “Pablo” Landrum (perc)
CD2#07: Esther Phillips (vcl), Don Grolnick (key), Joe Beck (g), Steve Khan (rhythm-g), Eric Weisberg (steel-g), Will Lee (b), Chris Parker (d), Ralph MacDonald (perc), Don Sebesky (arr)
CD2#08: Joe Farrell (ts), John McLaughlin (el-g), Dave Holland (b), Jack DeJohnette (d)
CD2#09: Eumir Deodato (p, el-p, arr), John Tropea (el-g), Stanley Clarke (el-b), Ron Carter (b), Billy Cobham (d), Ray Barretto (cga), Airto Moreira (perc)
CD2#10: Grover Washington, Jr. (ts), Bob James (el-p, p), Eric Gale (g), Phil Upchurch (b), Harvey Mason (d), Ralph MacDonald (perc), Bob James (arr)

Disc 3: [The Brazilian Connection]

CD3#01: Antonio Carlos Jobim (penny whs), Eumir Deodato (g, con, arr), Harry Lofsky (vln), Ron Carter (b), João Palma (d)
CD3#02: Astrud Gilberto (vcl), Hubert Laws (fl), Stanley Turrentine (ts), Toots Thielemans (hmca), Eumir Deodato (el-p), Sivuca (g), Sam Brown (g), Ron Carter (b), João Palma (d), Airto Moreira (perc)
CD3#03: Hubert Laws (fl), Freddie Hubbard (tpt, flgn), Richard Wyands (el-p), George Benson (el-g), Ron Carter (b), Jack DeJohnette (d), Airto Moreira (perc), Don Sebesky (arr)
CD3#04: Stanley Turrentine (ts), Richard Tee (p, el-p, org), Eric Gale (g), Ron Carter (b), Billy Cobham (d), Airto Moreira (d, perc) Eumir Deodato (con, arr)
CD3#05: Hubert Laws (fl), John Murtaygh (arr) + orchestra
CD3#06: Hugo Fatturoso (key, hmca, vcl), David Amaro (ac-g, el-g), Ringo Thielemann (b, vcl), Jorge Fatturoso (d, vcl), Airto Moreira (d, perc, vcl), Flora Purim (perc, vcl)
CD3#07: Freddie Hubbard (tpt, flgn), Herbie Hancock (el-p, p), Milt Jackson (vib), Jay Berliner (g), Ron Carter (b), Billy Cobham (d), Ralph MacDonald (perc), Don Sebesky (arr)
CD3#08: Joe Farrell (afl, bfl, pic, ss), Chick Corea (el-p, p), Stanley Clarke (el-b), Ron Carter (b), Airto Moreira (perc, vcl), Flora Purim (vcl), Don Sebesky (arr)
CD3#09: Paul Desmond (as), Ed Bickert (el-g), Ron Carter (b), Connie Kay (d)
CD3#10: Hubert Laws (fl), Eumir Deodato (el-p), Ron Carter (b), Billy Cobham (d), Ray Barretto (cga)
CD3#11: Eumir Deodato (el-p, g), Antonio Carlos Jobim (el-p, vcl), Ron Carter (b), João Palma (d, perc), Airto Moreira (perc), Everaldo Ferreira (perc, matchbox)

Disc 4: [Cool And Classic]

CD4#01: Chet Baker (tpt), Gerry Mulligan (bar), Bob James (p), Ron Carter (b), Harvey Mason (d), Dave Samuels (perc)
CD4#02: Joe Henderson (ts), Roland Hanna (p), Ron Carter (b), Billy Cobham (d, perc)
CD4#03: Paul Desmond (as), Don Sebesky (el-p, arr), Ron Carter (b), Jack DeJohnette (d), + orchestra
CD4#04: Hubert Laws (fl), Wally Kane (bsn), Bob James (el-p, p, hpsd), Dave Friedman (vib, perc), Ron Carter (b), Airto Moreira (perc), Don Sebesky (arr)
CD4#05: Chet Baker (tpt), Paul Desmond (as), Bob James (el-p), Dave Friedman (vib), Ron Carter (b), Don Sebesky (arr)
CD4#06: Bob James (key, arr), Jeff Mironov (g), Gary King (b), Andy Newmark (d), Ralph MacDonald (perc),
CD4#07: Richard Wyands (el-p, p), Kenny Burrell (el-g), Ron Carter (b), Billy Cobham (d), Ray Barretto (perc), Don Sebesky (arr)
CD4#08: Kenny Barron (el-p), George Benson (el-g), Phil Upchurch (g,b), Ron Carter (b), Steve Gadd (d), Don Sebesky (arr)
CD4#09: Chet Baker (tpt), Paul Desmond (as), Roland Hanna (p), Jim Hall (g), Ron Carter (b), Steve Gadd (d), Don Sebesky (arr)

 The Cool Revolution (5 box 1)