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Archie Roach: Into The Bloodstream (2012)

Into The Bloodstream

Track list:

01. Into the Bloodstream
02. Song to Sing
03. Big Black Train
04. Heal the People
05. Mulyawongk
06. We Won’t Cry (feat.Paul Kelly)
07. Wash My Soul in the River’s Flow
08. I’m On Your Side
09. Little By Little
10. Hush Now Babies (feat.Emma Donovan)
11. Top of the Hill
12. Old Mission Road


Archie Roach
+ band
+ guests, including:
Paul Kelly
Emma Donovan
Vika and Linda Bull
Lou Bennett

Into The Bloodstream (5 photo 5)

The band:

Into The Bloodstream (5 photo 1)


Into The Bloodstream (5 photo 3)

Recorded: in part at St Brigid’s church in Crossley, Victoria
Released: October 2012

Label: Liberation Music
LMCD 0197

Produced and Arranged by: Craig Pilkington

Into The Bloodstream -notes (pdf – 121KB)

Archie’s wife Ruby Hunter died on 17 February 2010 aged 54, and then on 14 October 2010 Roach suffered a stroke while working in the Kimberley region.

After re-cuperating, he returned to live performance in April 2011.

He has also survived lung cancer, due to early diagnosis in 2011 and major surgery.

A note from Archie:

While making this album I have learned to look at Pain differently. I know that Pain can make you sick, very sick!! My recent bouts of illness I’m sure, are a result of the Pain of being removed from my family at a young age and more recently the loss of someone I loved so dearly.

But Pain can also bring about change in one’s life for the better, we can choose to ignore the Pain until it becomes unbearable or we can do something. I used to think that letting go of the Pain was the only way of getting better but that may not be necessarily so. You see some events in my life I will never truly get over and the Pain will always be there but I can do something about it.

I can write songs, songs about making it to the Top of the Hill no matter how far, songs about not being alone so don’t cry, songs about all of us having a song to sing and songs we can dance to.

Even though we may be suffering with some sort of chronic Pain we can learn to live with and manage it with the right attitude to life and some good medicine. Doing this album has been good medicine for me! I hope listening to it will be the same for you!