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Count Basie Orchestra: The Complete Atomic Basie (1957) 1994

The Complete Atomic Basie

Track list:

01. Kid From Red Bank
02. Duet
03. After Supper
04. Flight Of The Foo Birds
05. Double-O
06. Teddy The Toad
07. Whirly Bird
08. Midnite Blue
09. Splanky
10. Fantail
11. Li’l Darlin’
12. Silks And Satins
13. Sleepwalker’s Serenade (alt tk)
14. Sleepwalker’s Serenade
15. The Late Late Show
16. The Late Late Show (vocal version)


Wendell Culley, Snooky Young, Thad Jones, Joe Newman – trumpet;
Henry Coker, Al Grey, Benny Powell – trombone;
Marshall Royal, Frank Wess, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis, Frank Foster, Charles Fowlkes – reeds;
Count Basie – piano,
Freddie Green – guitar;
Eddie Jones – bass;
Sonny Payne – drums;
Joe Williams – vocals (#16);
Neal Hefti – arrangements (#1–11);
Jimmy Mundy – arrangements (#12–14).

Recorded at Capitol Studios, New York City; October 21-22, 1957

#1-11: issued as “The Atomic Mr. Basie” (originally called Basie, also known as E=MC²)
#12-16: added as bonus tracks: “The Complete Atomic Basie” (1994)

Released: 1958
Label: Roulette
R 52003

Released: 1994 (re-issue)
Label: Roulette Jazz

Producer: Teddy Reig
Engineer: Bob Arnold

Liner Notes: Barry Ulanov
Back Liner photography: Arnold Meyers

Re-issue Producer: Michael Cuscuna
Digital Transfer: Malcolm Addey

Liner notes (1994): Michael Cuscuna

The Complete Atomic Basie (2 back 1)

One of the reasons that some major labels love to license big chunks of their catalogs to smaller independent outfits for box set reissues is that they never know that those licensees will turn up in putting those sets together, and it all becomes fair game for the parent company.

Thus, in 1994, a year after Mosaic unearthed five previously unissued tracks from the October 1957 sessions that yielded The Atomic Mr. Basie on Roulette, Capitol Records (which had acquired the Roulette library) issued this expanded version of the original album.

The original 11 songs are here, re-mastered into proper mono (there was an impossible to listen to duophonic stereo master made at the time of release that was in circulation on LP for a time), along with five outtakes consisting of material written and arranged by Jimmy Mundy: the instrumentals “Silks and Satins,” “Sleepwalker’s Serenade” (two different takes), and “The Late Late Show” and a vocal version of the latter featuring Joe Williams.

These were apparently part of a proposed Jimmy Mundy album that never got completed, and were forgotten; they fit in surprisingly well with the Neal Hefti arrangements comprised the original recording, and Joe Williams turns in some of the best work of his career on the vocal version of “The Late Late Show,” a sultry, richly intoned performance that positively seduces the listener, with the band blowing beautifully behind him.
~Bruce Eder []