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Ravi Shankar: The Sounds of India (1958) 1989

The Sounds of India

Track list:

01. An Introduction to Indian Music
02. Dadra
03. Maru-bihag
04. Bhimpalasi
05. Sindhi-bhairavi


Ravi Shankar – Sitar;
Chatur Lal – Tabla;
N. C. Mullick – Tambura

Released: 1958 / 1968 / 1989
Label: Columbia
LP: WL 119 [1958] (Adventures in Sound)
LP: CL 2496 [1966]
LP: CS 9296 [1968]
CD: CK 9296 [1989]

liner notes: Alan Hovhaness

Cover photo: Adelaide de Menil;
Indian design from Sona, The Golden One, New York
Columbia’s Adventures in Sound series is many things: one of the greatest presentations of exotic, world-ethnic music on LP; a commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the LP; the last hurrah for mono; and an impressive launch of nearly twenty albums in the first year, 1958.

Records released in the first two years typically have a gold label and 4-sided border.

After 1960 or so the border is reduced to a header, and stereo versions appear.

Adventures in Sound [WL119]