Yothu Yindi: Healing Stone – The Best of Yothu Yindi (2012)

Healing Stone

Track list:

01. Treaty (Radio Mix)
02. Djapana (Radio Mix)
03. Tribal Voice
04. Mainstream
05. Timeless Land
06. Macassan Crew
07. Djatpa
08. Yirrmala
09. One Blood
10. Baywara
11. Dots on the Shells
12. Maralitja
13. World Turning
14. Superhighway
15. Tears For Law (Garrathiya Run)
16. Yolngu Boy
17. Healing Stone

Yothu Yindi hail from the Yolngu (Aboriginal) homelands on the north-east coast of Australia’s Northern Territory, a country the Yolngu have occupied and protected for perhaps 40,000 years or more.

The Yolngu members of the band celebrate their deep spiritual connections with the land, connections that are kept alive through song and dance and ceremony, public aspects of which are found within the band’s recordings and live performances.

I am Mandawuy Yunupingu. I am a crocodile man. I am also the song writer and lead singer with the band Yothu Yindi.

My name Yunupingu means a rock, a rock that stands against time. Fire is my clan symbol. Fire is my life force.

Well, I am quite content of what I got already, you know. My riches is my heart. Where I come from. Cause the land, mother earth, the country, the people, the history, the religion, the song lines, everything like that, it is the riches that I’ve already inherited from my ancestors.


Healing Stone (Album – Press Release) (pdf 164KB)

Healing Stone (Yothu Yindi – Bio 2004) (pdf 106KB)

Healing Stone celebrates more than two decades and 6 albums of Yothu Yindi.

Homeland Movement (1988):

(1988) Homeland Movement (1 front 1b)

Track list:

01. Mainstream
02. Yolngu Woman
03. Homeland Movement
04. Djapana: Sunset Dreaming
05. Gamadala (Red Kangaroo Escarpment)
06. Garrtjambal (Red Kangaroo)
07. Mambulmambul (Red Kangaroo Meat)
08. Gudurrku (Brolga)
09. Barrwula, Part 1 (Sacred Waterhole)
10. Barrwula, Part 2
11. Barrwua, Part 3
12. Gunmarra, Sequence 1 (Anchovy)
13. Gunmarra, Sequence 2
14. Luku-Wangawuy Manikay, 1788

Album Credits:

Bakamana Yunupingu: vocals, guitar, clapsticks
Witiyana Marika: vocals, clapsticks
Milkayngu Mununggurr: didgeridoo
Cal Williams: guitar
Stuart Kellaway: bass guitar
Andy Beletty: drums

Yothu Yindi recorded their first album Homeland Movement in Australia’s bicentennial year, 1988. Combining contemporary western rock with the traditional song cycles of the Gumatj and Rirratjingu clans of north-east Arnhem Land, Homeland Movement was recorded in one day, mixed in another, winning the band a contract with Australia’s leading independent record company, Mushroom Records.

Tribal Voice (1991):

(1991) Tribal Voice (1 front 1b)

Track list:

01. Gapu (Water)
02. Treaty
03. Djapana: Sunset Dreaming
04. My Kind of Life
05. Maralitja: Crocodile Man
06. Dhum’thum (Agile Wallaby)
07. Tribal Voice
08. Mainstream
09. Dharpa (Tree)
10. Yinydjapana (Dolphin)
11. Matjala: Driftwood
12. Hope
13. Gapirri: Stingray

extended edition 1992
13. Biyarrmak: Comic
14. Treaty, Radio Mix
15. Djapana: Sunset Dreaming, Radio Mix

Album Credits:

Mandawuy Yunupingu: Lead vocals, backing Vocals, guitar
Galarrwuy Yunupingu: Vocals, clapsticks
Witiyana Marika: Vocals, clapsticks, backing vocals
Milkayngu Mununggurr: Didgeridoo, backing vocals
Gurrumul Yunupingu: Keyboards, percussion, guitar, didgeridoo, organ, backing vocals
Makuma Yunupingu: Didgeridoo
Cal Williams: Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, guitar, backing vocals
Stuart Kellaway: Bass guitar, backing vocals
Ricki Fataar: Drums, percussion, backing vocals
Mark Moffatt: Organ, bass guitar, guitar
Ray Periera: Congas
Allen Murphy: Drums
Huey Benjamin: Drums
Archie Roach: Backing vocals
Tim Finn: Backing vocals
Rose Bygrave: Backing vocals
Steve Wade: Backing vocals
Mark Moffatt: Producer
“Treaty” remix by Robert Goodge and Gavin Campbell

With the 1991 release of their second album, Tribal Voice , Yothu Yindi secured their place in the annals of Australian rock history.

Tribal Voice, which dominated the national charts for much of 1991-1992, yielded the hit singles Treaty and Djapana, won the band recognition as the first predominantly Aboriginal act to gain widespread media attention, and generated international recording and touring commitments.

The album featured the band’s first hit single, Treaty, which crashed into the Australian Top Twenty and spent 22 weeks in the national charts. The first song by a predominantly Aboriginal band to chart in Australia, it was also the first song in an Aboriginal language (Gumatj) to gain extensive airplay and international recognition.

Billboard reported, …”Yothu Yindi is the flagship of the Australian musical movement”

Freedom (1993):

(1993) Freedom (1 front 1b)

Track list:

01. Timeless Land
02. World of Innocence
03. Freedom
04. Baywara
05. Ngerrk (Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo)
06. Back to Culture
07. World Turning
08. Mabo
09. Milika (Diamond Fish)
10. Danggultji (Brolga)
11. Gunitjpirr Man
12. Yolngu Boy
13. Dots on the Shells
14. Our Generation
15. Gany’tjurr (White-Faced Heron)
16. Gapu (Water), Tidal Mix

Album Credits:

Mandawuy Yunupingu: Vocals, guitar
Witiyana Marika: Vocals, clapsticks, dance
Makuma Yunupingu: Didgeridoo, vocals, clapsticks
Stuart Kellaway: Bass guitar
Mangatjay Yunupingu: Dance
Banula Marika: Vocals, dance
Bunimbirr Marika: Didgeridoo
Cal Williams: Guitar
Natalie Gillespie: Vocals
Galarrwuy Yunupingu: Vocals, clapsticks
Milkayngu Mununggurr: Didgeridoo
Gurrumul Yunupingu: Guitar, vocals, keyboards
Jodie Cockatoo: Vocals
Ian Faith: Guitars
Mark Ovenden: Keys, programming
Bill Laswell: Bass
Nicky Skopelitis: 6 and 12-string guitar
Bernie Worrell: Organ
Terepai Richmond: Drums
Daniel Watson: Percussion
Allen Murphy: Drums
Andrew Belletty: Drums

Released to critical acclaim in November 1993, Freedom features the singles World Turning, Timeless Land, and Dots on the Shells. Freedom paved the way for 1994 tours of Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, the UK, the USA, Canada and Japan. This release features a maturing sound and incredible Yidaki (didgeridoo) playing.

Birrkuta – Wild Honey (1996):

(1996) Birrkuta Wild Honey (1 front 1b)

Track list:

01. Tears for Law: Garrathiya Run
02. Yolngu Woman
03. Ngarrpiya (Octopus)
04. Superhighway
05. Bapang (Driftwood)
06. Djatpa (Fun Song)
07. Timor
08. Matter of Choice
09. Stop That
10. Lorrpu (Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo)
11. Spirit of Peace
12. Yirrmala (Bayini Hull)
13. Honey: Birrku[a
14. Cora
15. Mice and Men

Album Credits:

Mandawuy Yunupingu: lead vocals, vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar, clapsticks
Gurrumul Yunupingu: electric guitar, lead vocals, vocals, backing vocals, bass guitar, clapsticks, acoustic guitar, didgeridoo, clavinet
Makuma Yunupingu: lead vocals, vocals, backing vocals, didgeridoo, clapsticks
Stuart Kellaway: guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar
Milkayngu Mununggurr: didgeridoo
Ben Hakalitz: drums, kundu, backing vocals, bass guitar, flutes
Buruka Tau-Matagu: organ, electric piano, vocals, backing vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric 12 string guitar, flutes
Jodie Cockatoo Creed: vocals, backing vocals
Airi Ingram: percussion
Lamar Lowder: percussion
Yomunu Yunupingu: didgeridoo
Andrew Farriss: keyboards, guitar
Galarrwuy Yunupingu: lead vocals, vocals, clapsticks

Birrkuta – Wild Honey, featuring the single Superhighway, is Yothu Yindi’s fourth album. This disc continues in the Yothu Yindi tradition, combining fantastic recordings of ancient ceremonial songs with other tracks of cutting edge rock. The influences of the Papua New Guinea band members can be heard on several tracks on Birrkuta-Wild Honey.

One Blood (1998):

(1998) One Blood (1 front 1b)

Track list:

01. Laykarrambu (Male Red Kangaroo)
02. One Blood
03. Mainstream
04. World Turning
05. Baywara
06. Dots on the Shells
07. Rrama (Yellow–Red Sunset Clouds)
08. Djapana: Sunset Dreaming
09. Written on a Bark
10. Tribal Voice
11. Seven Sisters
12. Mingaminga (Cycad-Nut Bread)
13. Tears for Law: Garrathiya Run
14. Baru (Saltwater Crocodile)
15. Belief on the Future
16. Nyinganyinga (Anchovy)
17. Our Land
18. Yarryurru (Red Kangaroo Spear)
19. Treaty ’98

Album Credits:

Mandawuy Yunupingu: Lead & Backing Vocals, Clapsticks, Didgeridoo, Acoustic Guitar
Makuma Yunupingu: Lead & Backing Vocals, Didgeridoo, Clapsticks
Yomunu Yunupingu: Didgeridoo
Jodie Cockatoo Creed: Backing Vocals
Stuart Kellaway: Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals, 12 String Ukulele
Galarrwuy Yunupingu: Lead Vocals, Clapsticks
Milkayngu Mununggurr: Didgeridoo
Bertram Engel (aka Banatja): Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Programming
Carl Carlton (aka Jaja Balnga): Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Ken Taylor: Bass
Pascal Kravetz: Keayboards, Organ
Justin Carroll: Organ, Rhodes
Sharon Shannon: Flutes, Accordion
Jim Kerr: Lead Vocals
Liam O’Maonlai: Lead Vocals

1998 saw Yothu Yindi recording their fifth album One Blood in Dublin and Bavaria, Germany. The band then toured Germany with Peter Maffay on the German rock star’s ambitious Encounters tour. With special guests Liam O’Maonlai from Hothouse Flowers and Simple Minds’ Jim Kerr, One Blood was a polished selection of songs old and new. The album featured dramatic new recordings of the band’s earlier Australian hits plus new songs like One Blood (co-written with Paul Kelly) and traditional Yolngu songs of the Gumatj clan performed by tribal elder and ceremonial leader Galarrwuy Yunupingu.

Garma (2000):

(2000) Garma (1 front 1b)

Track list:

01. Macassan Crew
02. Fire
03. Surfing the Log
04. Community Life
05. Bush
06. Ghost Spirits
07. Romance at Garma
08. Good Medicine
09. Calling Every Nation
10. Wirrku` Girl (Nyapililngu)
11. Lonely Tree
12. Gone is the Land
13. Silver Owl
14. Guwalny (Squid): Silver Light

Album Credits:

Mandawuy Yunupingu: Lead & Backing Vocals, Clapsticks
Jodie Cockatoo Creed: Lead & Backing Vocals
Makuma Yunupingu: Lead Vocals
Rrawun Maymuru: Backing Vocals, Didgeridoo, Clapsticks
Gapanbulu Yunupingu Mununggurr: Didgeridoo
Yomunu Yunupingu: Didgeridoo
Stuart Kellaway: Clapsticks, Bass, Guitars, Backing Vocals
Cal Williams: Electric/Acoustic Guitars
Gurrumul Yunupingu: Electric/Acoustic Guitars
Ben Hakalitz: Drums
Scott Saunders: Keyboards
Andrew Farriss: Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Harmonica
Joe Accaria: Drums
Nick Cicere: Drums
Anja Tait: Violin
Michele Rose: Pedal Steel
Mark Williams: Backing Vocals
Tina Harrod: Backing Vocals

With the dawning of 2000 Yothu Yindi toured Australia and New Zealand with the Big Day Out and completed recording their sixth album Garma with producer Andrew Farriss of INXS, a musician with whom the band has been collaborating since 1993. The album was recorded in Sydney and at the Yothu Yindi Foundation’s new Yirrnga Music Development Studio in the band’s homelands at Gunyangara on the shores of Melville Bay in north-east Arnhem Land.Yothu Yindi capped off a busy year in 2000 with performances at the closing ceremony of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney and the opening ceremony for the Paralympic Games.