Archie Shepp /Bill Dixon Quartet: Archie Shepp /Bill Dixon Quartet (1962-64) 2009

Archie Shepp - Bill Dixon Quartet (1)

Track list:

01. Trio
02. Quartet
03. Somewhere
04. Peace
+bonus tracks (*not on original LP)
05. Where Poppies Bloom (Where Poppies Blow)
06. Like A Blessed Baby Lamb
07. Consequences
08. Winter Song 1964 Section I
09. Winter Song 1964 Section II
10. Winter Song 1964 Section III
11. Winter Song 1964 Section IV
12. Winter Song 1964 Section V
13. Winter Song 1964 Coda
14. The 12th December


#1-4: Archie Shepp /Bill Dixon Quartet:
Archie Shepp – tenor sax;
Bill Dixon – trumpet, flugelhorn;
Don Moore – bass (#1-3)
Paul Cohen – drums (#1-3)
Reggie Workman – bass (#4)
Howard McRae – drums (#4)

#5-7: Archie Shepp and the New York Contempoary Five:
Ted Curson – piccolo trumpet (#5,6);
Don Cherry – pocket cornet (#7);
John Tchicai – alto sax;
Archie Shepp – tenor sax;
Ronnie Boykins – bass;
Sunny Murray – drums

#8-14: Bill Dixon Septet:
Bill Dixon – trumpet;
Ken McIntyre – alto sax, oboe;
George Barrow – tenor sax;
Howard Johnson – baritone sax, tuba;
Dave Izenzon, Hal Dotson – bass;
Howard McRae – drums

#1-4: Recorded New York, October 1962
Released: 1962
Label: Savoy

Producer: Achie Shepp, Bill Dixon
Engineer: Art Chryst
Cover photography: Irwin Goldstein
Layout: WR/Dixon

#5-7: Recorded New York City; February 5, 1964
Released: 1964
Label: Savoy

Producer: Archie Shepp
Liner Notes: Jack Cooke

#8-14: Recorded at Savoy Studios, Newark; March 4, 1964
Released: 1964
Label: Savoy

Producer: Bill Dixon
Liner Notes: Jack Cooke

Bill Dixon 7-tette/Archie Shepp and the New York Contemporary 5 is an album released on the Savoy label originally featuring one LP side by Bill Dixon’s septet and one LP side by the New York Contemporary Five featuring saxophonist Archie Shepp.

The album resulted from Dixon and Shepp’s contractual obligations to provide Savoy Records with a second album after the Archie Shepp – Bill Dixon Quartet (1962) but following a professional separation.

Shepp-Dixon (1 front 1)

Shepp-Dixon (1 front 2)

2009 compilation:
label: Free Factory

Liner notes: Archie Shepp, Bill Dixon, Albert Michael  (2009)
Original Down beat review: Bill Mathieu