David Liebman: Trio + One (1988)

Trio + One

Track list:

01. All The Things That…
02. In The Mean Time
03. Return To Napanoch
04. it’s Different Out There
05. Master Of The Ovious
06. Romp
07. While We’re On The Subject
08. Burst
09. Ode For Leo (Prelude)
10. Gazelle


David Liebman – soprano sax
Dave Holland – bass, cello
Jack DeJohnette – drums
Caris Visentin – oboe

Recorded at Sound Idea Studios, New York City; May 1 & 2, 1988
Released: 1988
Label: OWL Records

Producer: Jean-Jacques Pussiau, Francois LeMaire
Recording Engineer: David Baker (Assistant: Shawna Stobie)
Mastered by: Greg Calbi

liner notes: David Liebman

Cover concept: Bernard Amiard
Photography: Jean-Jacques Pussiau


Soprano saxophonist Dave Liebman is joined by bassist Dave Holland and drummer Jack DeJohnette for these adventurous studio sessions from 1988, in which the chordless format works to the trio’s advantage.

All of the pieces are Liebman originals, some, like “All the Things That…,” inspired by a familiar standard (in this case, “All the Things You Are”) and some not.

Liebman has long been one of the top soprano players, while in Holland and DeJohnette he has a sympathetic rhythm section to accompany his flights.

Among the highlights are the haunting “Return to Napanoch” and the humorous free jazz vehicle “It’s Different Out There.”

Liebman’s wife, oboist Caris Visentin, is a guest on several tracks, including the brooding “Master of the Obvious” and the intricate “While We’re on the Subject.”

Currently out of print following the demise of the Owl label, this valuable CD is somewhat difficult to acquire.
~Ken Dryden[]