Abdel Aziz El Mubarak: Straight from the Heart (1989)

Straight from the Heart

Track list:

01. Ya A’saal
02. Laih Ya Galbi
03. Bissaraha
04. Na-Nu Na-Nu
05. Al-Kawkab El Fiddhi
06. Tarig Ash-Shoag


Abdel Aziz El Mubarak – vocals;
Hamid Osman Abdalla – sax;
Ahmed Abdelbagi Mohamed – accordion;
Mohd Abdalla Mohmdiya, Mohamed El Dai Adam, Osama Ahmed El Mubarak – violins;
Ahmed Abdel Rahman Ahmed – guitar;
Nassir Gad Karim – bass;
Tarig El Tigani Abdel Wahab – bongos;
Mustafa Baloula Mohamed – tabla drum;

Recorded: live in concert at the Hackney Empire, London; August 1989
Released: 1989
Label: World Circuit
WCB 010
WCD010D [CD]

Recorded and Mixed by: John Hadden
Post-production: John Hadden

Sleeve notes and song translations: Moawia Yassin

Photography: Hugo Glendinning
Sleeve design: Neil Watkinson

The CD issue includes three bonus tracks [*]

01. Ya A’Asaal
02. Laih Ya Galbi
03. Bissaraha
04. Sabihni Dayman [*]
05. Ya Izzana [*]
06. Na-Nu Na-Nu
07. Al Kawkab El Fiddhi
08. Tarig Ash-Shoag
09. Hilwa Alsudsa [*]


Abdel Aziz was almost fated to become a performer: the child of a musical family who lived in an area noted for its music (Medani), he got an early start on the ladder of fame, as an angel-voiced school boy.

He began singing for Sudanese radio in the early ’70s and in 1975 enjoyed his first big hit with “Laih Ya Galbi Laih” (Why, My Heart, Why?).

Abdel Aziz plays oud and sings, as do many Sudanese musicians, but he is anything but constricted by local sounds, happily blending traditional and Western musical forms.

He toured England in 1987-1988 to great acclaim.