The Warner Bros. Orchestra: The Carl Stalling Project, vol 2

subtitled: More Music from Warner Bros. Cartoons 1939-1957

vol 2 the Carl Stalling Project

Track list:

01. Zoom And Bored
02. Stage Fright
03. The High And The Flighty
04. Bad Swiss Band
05. Marching Pink Elephants
06. The Slap Hoppy Mouse
07. Orchestra Gag
08. Variation On Grandfather’s Clock
09. Variation On Chinatown My Chinatown
10. Variation On Lucky Day
11. Wind-Up Doll
12. Guided Muscle
13. Fall And Splat-SFX
14. Ghost Wanted (1940)
15. The Unexpected Pest
16. Drunk La Cucaracha
17. Flea-Ridden Sheep Dog
18. Golf Cue
19. Barbary Coast Bunny
20. Satan’s Waitin’ (Excerpt)
21. Rubber Dog
22. Pappy’s Puppy
23. Variations On La Danza
24. Variations On Johann Strauss
25. Kangaroo-SFX
26. Mouse-taken Identity
27. Variations On Mexican Hat Dance
28. Frazzled Coyote


The Warner Bros. Studio Orchestra

Released: 1995
Label: Warner Bros.

All music Written by: Carl Stalling
Producer: Greg Ford, Hal Willner
Mixed by: Scott Hull


The second volume of the master Warner Bros. cartoon composer’s work downplays the head-spinning montage of the first in favor of just-as-head-spinning complete scores.

They aren’t from the studio’s best-known cartoons but from some of Stalling’s most impressive tempo-warping, all-systems-go pieces, augmented by a few mini-pieces that illustrate the way he could transform barely familiar show tunes and classical themes into wild, rubbery jokes.

Even without images, Stalling could make an orchestra suggest a “Flea-Ridden Sheep Dog” in 24 seconds flat and run enough changes on Stephen Foster’s “Camptown Races” to match every mood in a Foghorn Leghorn cartoon.

The head-snapping reversals of his scores anticipate much later avant-garde music.
~Douglas Wolk