George Duke: Keyboard Giant (1973-76) 2007

Keyboard Giant

Track list:

01. The Opening
02. Capricorn
03. Maria Tres Filhos
04. Faces In Reflection No.2
05. Dawn
06. For Love (I Come Your Friend)
07. Malibu
08. The Aura
09. Chariot
10. Sister Serene
11. Someday
12. Seeing You
13. I C’n Hear That
14. After The Love
15. Tzina
16. Liberated Fantasies
17. Feel
18. Yana Aminah


George Duke – keyboards, vocals;
Guitar – Lee Ritenour (#9), David Amaro (#14), Daryl Stuermer (#16);
Bass – John Heard (#1-4,17,18), Alphonso Johnson (#5,6,8), Tom Fowler (#9), Byron Miller (#10), Embamba (#12-14,16);
Drums – Ndugu Chancler;
Percussion – Airto Moreira (#5,8,13,14,16);
Marimba – Emil Richards (#13);
Vocals – Bonnie Bowdon Amaro (#14,16);
Backing Vocals – Gee Janzen (#7), Sylvia St. James (#7), Kathy Woehrle (#7), Napoleon Murphy Brock (#12), Janet Ferguson Hof (#12)

Released: 2007
Label: MPS

Compiled by: Stephan Steigleder

Mastered at Emil Berliner Studios, Langenhagen

Photography: Cal Schenkel

Design: Knut Schötteldreier

Marketed in Australia by Universal Music Classics & Jazz, a division of The Universal Music Group, under exclusive licence.

If nobody else will do this then I’ll have to.

This is a fantastic working of tracks from the four or so albums George did for M.P.S. originally.

I was wary because I usually hate compilations, but this music was hard to find before on c.d., so what we have here is a joyous trawl through some wonderful early moments and probably my favourite period of all, come to think of it.

George is on fire throughout, but the high point is it all works so well together, like it could have been recorded yesterday!

Here’s real music if anyone out there still wants it.

~Mr.T.I.Gamon[comment via]