Herbie Hancock: Watermelon Man: The Ultimate Hancock! (2010)

The Ultimate Hancock

Track list

CD 1:
01. Watermelon Man
02. A Tribute To Someone
03. And What If I Don’t
04. A Jump Ahead
05. Cantaloupe Island
06. Oliloqui Valley
07. Maiden Voyage
08. The Eye Of The Hurricane
09. Dolphin Dance
10. The Sorcerer
11. The story of watermelon man (interview)

CD 2:
01. Sly
02. Watermelon Man
03. Steppin’ In It
04. Butterfly
05. Doin’ It
06. 4 A.M.
07. Everybody’s Broke
08. Rock It

This Compilation:
Released: June 22, 2010
Label: Blue Note


Import-only compilation from the Jazz great featuring the best of his recordings from his years with the Blue Note label.

As part of Miles Davis’s “second great quintet”, Hancock helped redefine the role of a Jazz rhythm section, and was one of the primary architects of the Post-Bop sound.

Later, he was one of the first Jazz musicians to embrace synthesizers and Funk.

Hancock’s music is often melodic and accessible; he has had many songs “cross over” and achieved success among Pop audiences.

His recordings on the Blue Note label remains his most beloved and enduring.