The Meters: Here Comes the Meter Man (1968-70)

subtitled: The Complete Josie Recordings 1968-1970

Here Comes the Meter Man

Track list:

CD 1:

JOS-4010 The Meters

The Meters (1969):

01 Cissy Strut
02 Here Comes The Meter Man
03 Cardova
04 Live Wire
05 Art
06 Sophisticated Cissy
07 Ease Back
08 6V6 La
09 Sehorn’s Farm
10 Ann
11 Stormy
12 Simple Song

JOS-4011 Look-Ka Py Py

Look-Ka Py Py (1970):

13 Look-Ka Py Py
14 Rigor Mortis
15 Pungee
16 Thinking
17 This Is My Last Affair
18 Funky Miracle
19 Yeah You’re Right
20 Little Old Money Maker
21 Oh Calcutta!
22 The Mob
23 9 ‘Til 5
24 Dry Spell

CD 2:

JOS-4012 Struttin'

Struttin’ (1970):

01 Chicken Strut
02 Britches
03 Darlin’ Darlin’
04 Go For Yourself
05 Hand Clapping Song
06 Hey Last Minute
07 Joog
08 Liver Splash
09 Same Old Thing
10 Tippi-Toes
11 Wichita Lineman
12 Ride Your Pony

01 A message from the Meters


13 Message From The Meters
14 Zony Mash
15 Stretch Your Rubber Band
16 Groovy Lady
17 (The World Is A Little Bit Under The Weather)
18 I Need More Time
19 Good Old Funky Music
20 Sassy Lady

Art Neville & The Meters (1968):

21 Bo Diddley Pt 1
22 Bo Diddley Pt 2
23 Heartaches
24 I’m Gonna Put Some Hurt On You

Cyril Neville & The Meters (1970):

25 Gossip
26 Tell Me What’s On Your Mind


The Meters [Josie Records (JOS-4010)]:
Line-up: Art Neville: organ, keyboards; Leo Nocentelli: guitar, vocals; George Porter, Jr.: bass guitar; Ziggy Modeliste: drums.
Producer: Allen Toussaint and Marshall E. Sehorn
Released: May, 1969

Look-Ka Py Py [Josie Records (JOS-4011)]
Line-up: Art Neville: organ, keyboards; Leo Nocentelli: guitar, vocals; George Porter, Jr.: bass guitar; Ziggy Modeliste: drums.
Producer: Allen Toussaint and Marshall E. Sehorn
Released: December 1969

Struttin’ [Josie Records (JOS-4012)]
Line-up: Arthur “Art” Neville: organ, keyboards, vocals; Leo Nocentelli: guitars; George Porter, Jr.: bass guitar; Joseph “Ziggy” Modeliste: drums, percussion
Producer: Allen Toussaint and Marshall E. Sehorn
Released: June 1970

This Compilation:
Released: 02 May, 2011
Label: Charly Records

Re-issue Executive Producer: Jean Luc Young

Liner Notes: Bob Fisher

The Meters – booklet (pdf 2.48MB)

Graphic Design: Carl Glover


Organist Art Neville formed a band in 1966 in New Orleans with his brothers Aaron and Charles on vocals, Leo Nocentelli on guitar, George Porter on bass, and Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste on drums.

Billing themselves as Art Neville & the Sounds, they signed to Sansu Enterprises, a label founded by Marshall Sehorn and writer, producer, arranger, and recording artist Allen Toussaint, and minus the vocalists, and now called the Meters, they became the house band for the label, providing backing tracks for releases by Lee Dorsey, Earl King, Betty Harris, and many others, including many cuts by Toussaint himself.

The Meters would also track instrumentals that were used as filler tracks on LP releases by Sansu artists, and in time, there were enough of these instrumentals to release an LP in 1969 called the Meters, which Sehorn shrewdly placed with Josie Records because of that label’s connection to its parent company, Cosnat Distributors, at that time the largest East Coast music distributor.

The Meters were something special, and their swampy precision practically defined the meaning and template of funk.

Two more LPs, Look-Ka Py Py and Struttin’, appeared a year later in 1970 on the Josie imprint.

When Josie went bankrupt in 1971, the Meters moved on to sign with Reprise Records and continued to release thundering funk records through the decade before gradually morphing into the more vocal-oriented group the Neville Brothers.

This two-disc set collects the Meters’ entire Josie catalog, including all three LPs, the A- and B-sides of four singles, four tracks billed to Art Neville & the Meters, and two tracks attributed to Cyril Neville & the Meters.

The end result is a joyous and impressively funky survey of this stellar and professional band’s earliest recordings.
~Steve Leggett[Allmusic]


Josie Records was a subsidiary of Jubilee Records in New York and was active from 1954 through to 1971.

Single records were numbered from 760 through to 1031.

Their best sellers were The Cadillacs, Bobby Freeman and The Meters.