John Reischman: Walk Along John (2013)

Walk Along John

Track list:

01. Itzbin Reel
02. Joe Ahr’s Dream
03. Walk Along John to Kansas
04. A Prairie Jewel
05. Indian Arm
06. Little Maggie
07. Salt River
08. The Deadly Fox
09. Side-by-Each (duet)
10. Little Pine Siskin
11. Gold Mountain Blues
12. Ice on the Dogwater
13. Side by Each (band)
14. Anisa’s Lullaby
15. Little Maggie (uptempo)


John Reischman – mandolin, mandola;
+ The Jaybirds:
Jim Nunally – guitar;
Greg Spatz – fiddle;
Nick Hornbuckle – banjo;
Trisha Gagnon – bass;
Kenny Smith – guitar
Ivan Rosenberg – guitar,
Sally Van Meter – guitar,
Eli West – guitar, bouzouki (octave mandolin),

Bruce Molsky – fiddle,
Mike Barnett – fiddle,
Trent Freeman – fiddle,
Annie Staninec – fiddle, soloist,
Alex Hargreaves – fiddle, harmony,

Chris Thile – mandolin, harmony,

Tony Trischka – banjo,
Patrick Sauber – banjo,

Sam Grisman – bass,
Patrick Metzger – bass,
Eric Thorin – bass

Released: 2013
Label: Corvus

Producer: John Reischman, Jim Nunally, Ivan Rosenberg, Kirk Furniss, Sally Van Meter
Engineer: Ivan Rosenberg, Jim Nunally, Mario Casilio, Marcel Duperreault, Greg Liszt, Adam McGhie, Dave Meszaros, Alex Venguer, Joe Weed, Tom Tedesco

Mixing: Ivan Rosenberg, Jim Nunally, Joe weed

Mastered by:: Joe Weed

Photography: Janet Baxter, Matt Miles

Design: Pharis Romero


John Reischman is one of the premier mandolinists of his generation.

Renowned for his impeccable taste and tone, he’s capable of swinging between old-time tunes, bluegrass classics, and compelling originals, all with a signature ease.

John’s long-awaited third solo album, Walk Along John is made up of traditional and original tunes, and features guest spots from artists like The Punch Brothers’ Chris Thile, Bruce Molsky, Tony Trischka, Sam Grisman (David Grisman’s son), members of The Deadly Gentlemen, and John’s own band The Jaybirds.

John Reischman is an understated visionary, the kind of master craftsman whose music is virtuosic without ever losing a sense of the subtle beauty of the melody.