5 Cent Coffee: Bourbon and Beans (2008)

Bourbon and Beans

Track list:

01. My Baby
02. Jawbone
03. John The Revelator
04. Devil Woman
05. Six Foot Two
06. Firewater
07. Chocolate Jesus
08. Two Bottles
09. Pedestrians
10. Birmingham Jail
11. Came Down From The Mountain
12. Amsterdam
13. Waterlogged
14. Cane Cutter
15. October


Doodles LaRue – melodeon, washboard, chain, kazoo, ukulele, vocals;
Smitty ‘Spitshine’ Delacroix – ukulele, banjo-uke, guitar, washboard, megaphone, vocals;
Slick McCoy – bass, baritone ukulele, vocals

Reelased: 2008
Label: (self-released)


5 Cent Coffee is an eclectic trio dedicated to organic old fashioned sound; an amalgamation of a by-gone nation, mixed with the fresh scent of a smile or the wail of a lament.

Ukulele driven original material with stand up bass and melodeon – throw in a washboard, a kazoo – some junk, an old shoe, wear a grumpy hat, cry a tear or two, and you’re there by the side of an old dusty highway…

We are Neo-Skiffle Junkyard Blues, with howling vocals; sometimes a sad accordion wails, sometimes your toe taps to a twang.

Moody and candy-like, we write songs that cast you back into another time.

We are inspired by sounds as diverse as the clang and thump of old jug and skiffle bands and early 20th century American music to Kurt Weill and Lottie Lenya to Tom Waits, Nick Cave, and the Tiger lillies.

We are: Smitty “Spitshine” Delacroix, Ukulele, Banjo-Uke, Guitar, Washboard, Megaphone, Vox; Doodles LaRue, Melodeon (Ms. LaRue is proud that the button accordion she plays was signed by the Tigerlillies) Washboard, Chain, Kazoo, Ukulele, Vox; Slick Macoy, Bass, Baritone Ukulele, Vox

We sound something like: Tom Waits, Rube Waddell, the Tiger Lillies, Mark Growden, Bingo, Tin Men, Charles Bukowski, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Dresden Dolls, Blind Willie Johnson, Lotte Lenya, Leadbelly.