5 Cent Coffee: She Should’a Had a Shot Of Shine (2011)

She Should'a Had a Shot of Shine

Track list

01. Saint James Infirmary
02. Ayasofia
03. Cocaine Blues
04. Cut Me Down
05. Channel One Blues
06. Guns And Balloons
07. House Of The Rising Sun
08. Brass Ring
09. Well Well Well
10. Momotaro


Doodles LaRue – vocals, button accordion, washboard, junk percussion, 17 1/2-pound chain;
Smitty “Spitshine” Delacroix – vocals, ukulele, guitar, washboard, megaphone;
Slick McCoy – bass, vocals.

Released: 2011
Label: Duck On Bike

accordion babes calendar (Doodle LaRue) 1 [Dec2010]


5 Cent Coffee’s second full length release “She Should’a Had a Shot of Shine” was recorded by trading cheap whiskey to a blind man.

All tracks are recorded and mixed live in the studio.

There are songs about murder, Medusa, booze, free Japanese p0rn, the Peach Boy or Okayama and more! Listen and learn!

5 Cent Coffee is an eclectic trio dedicated to organic old fashioned sound; an amalgamation of a by-gone nation, mixed with the fresh scent of a smile or the wail of a lament.

Ukulele driven original material with stand up bass and melodeon – throw in a washboard, a kazoo – some junk, an old shoe, wear a grumpy hat, cry a tear or two, and you’re there by the side of an old dusty highway…