The Tiger Lillies: Shockheaded Peter (1998)

Shockheaded Peter

Track list:

01. The Struwwelpeter Overture
02. The story of Cruel Frederick
03. The dreadful story about Harriet and the matches
04. Bully Boys
05. The story of a man that went out shooting
06. Snip Snip
07. Augustus and the soup
08. Fidgety Phil
09. Johnny Head-In-Air
10. Flying Robert
11. Shockheaded Peter


Martyn Jacques – accordion/voice;
Adrian Huge – percussion;
Adrian Stout – double bass
Tamzin Griffin – cello;
Julian Bleach – violin;
Graeme Gilmour – banjo/clarinet;
Jo Pocock – trombone

Music and song adaption by Martyn Jacques

Released: 1998
Label: Misery Guts / Cultural Industry


Produced by Olimax & The Tiger Lillies
Engineer by H.P. Lovecraft & The Doc and by Jim Custance




Adapting Heinrich Hoffmann’s classic Struwwelpeter, cult London band The Tiger Lillies and award-winning designer/directors Julian Crouch and Phelim McDermott collaborate in a music box on overdrive!


Shockheaded Peter is a 1998 musical using the popular German children’s book Der Struwwelpeter (1845) by Heinrich Hoffmann as its basis.

Created by Julian Bleach, Anthony Cairns, Julian Crouch, Graeme Gilmour, Tamzin Griffin, Jo Pocock, Phelim McDermott, Michael Morris and The Tiger Lillies (Martyn Jacques, Adrian Huge and Adrian Stout) the production combines elements of pantomime and puppetry with musical versions of the poems with the songs generally following the text but with a somewhat darker tone.

Whereas the children in the poems only sometimes die, in the musical they all do.

Commissioned by the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds and the Lyric Hammersmith in West London, the show debuted in 1998 in Leeds before moving to London and subsequently to world tours.


The band formed in 1989 when Martyn Jacques placed an ad on looking for a drummer and a bass player for a new band.

Adrian Huge and Phil Butcher (the band’s first bassist who was succeeded by Adrian Stout in 1995) were the only musicians that got in touch with him and therefore became the original Tiger Lillies’ drummer and bassist respectively.

In Spring 2012 Adrian Huge decided to take a leave of absence and was replaced by drummer Mike Pickering who has been touring with the Tiger Lillies for the rest of 2012.