Roland Kirk Quartet: Rip, Rig and Panic (1965)

Rip, Rig and Panic [Limelight]

Track list:

Side One:
101. No Tonic Pres
102. Once In A While
103. From Bechet, Byas and Fats
104. Mystical Dream

Side Two:
201. Rip, Rig and Panic
202. Black Diamond
203. Slippery, Hippery, Flippery


Roland Kirk – tenor sax, saxophone [Manzello, Stritch], castanets, siren;
Jaki Byard – piano;
Richard Davis – bass;
Elvin Jones – drums

Recorded: Rudy van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey; January 13, 1965
Released December, 1965
Label: Limelight
LM 82027 / LS 86027

Producer: Jack Tarcy
Recording Engineer: Rudy van Gelder

Liner notes: Don Heckman

Created and design: Daniel Czubak
Photography: Maurie Rosen


Rip means Rip van Winkle (or Rest in Peace?); it’s the way people, even musicians are. They’re asleep.

Rig means like rigor mortis. That’s where a lot of peoples mind are.

When they hear me doing things they didn’t think I could do they panic in their minds.

They all say, “Well, I didn’t know this kind of thing could happen.”

Actually, I was doing some things like this when I was in Ohio, but I lost work because people didn’t want to hear this kind of thing.”


Rip, Rig and Panic [EmArcy]