(Khalid Yasin [Abdul Aziz]) Larry Young: Lawrence of Newark (1973) 2001

Lawrence of Newark [PLP 34]

Track list:

01. Sunshine Fly Away
02. Khalid of Space (Part Two) – Welcome
03. Saudia
04. Alive
05. Hello Your Quietness (Islands)


Abdul Shadid – drums;
Jumma Santos – tom-tom, cow bell, conga, whistle, tambourine, hi-hat;
Howard T. King – drums;
James Flores – drums;
Stacey Edwards – congas;
Don Pate – bass;
James ‘Blood’ Ulmar – guitar;
Umar Abdul Muizz – congas;
Armen Halburian – congas, bells, percussion;
Diedre Johnson – cello;
Juni Booth – bass;
Art Gore – drums, electric piano;
Abdul Hakim – bongos;
Poppy La Boy – percussion;
Cedric Lawson – electric piano;
Mystery Guest (??Pharoah Sanders??) – saxes, vocals;
Dennis Mourouse – sax, electric sax;
Charles Magee – electric trumpet;
(Khalid Yasin [Abdul Aziz]) Larry Young – organ, bongos, vocals

Recorded: Blue Rock Studio, New York City
Released: 1973
Label: Perception
PLP 34

Castle Music
CMRCD 288 [2001, CD, Re-issue, Re-mastered]

Producer: Larry Young
Recording Engineer: Eddie Korvin

Re-mix Engineer: Larry Young, Eddie Korvin

Album Design: Fred Stark
Photography: Reginald Wickham

Liner Notes (2001): Alain Beard

Lawrence of Newark [CMRCD 288]


The album is Young’s debut for Perception Records which has since been re-issued.

Perception Records went out of business shortly after the release of this recording, so it has never been widely available, and hence rarely heard.

Lawrence of Newark represents Larry Young’s first non-Blue Note recording as a leader post-Lifetime startling for its fresh look at how the organ is used in jazz and in improvisation.