Lee Konitz, Warne Marsh, Bill Evans: Live at the Half Note [bonus disc] (1959/1976) 2008

Live at the Half Note [2008]

Track list:

CD 1:
01. Palo Alto
02. How About You?
03. My Melancholy Baby
04. Scrapple from the Apple
05. You Stepped out of a Dream
06. 317 East 32nd Street
07. April
08. It’s You or No One
09. Just Friends

CD 2 (bonus disc):
01. Baby, Baby All the Time
02. Lennie-Bird
03. Subconscious-Lee
Lee Konitz-Warne Marsh Quartet (London Concert):
04. Background Music
05. It’s You or No One
06. Body and Soul
07. All the Things You Are
08. You Go to My Head (ft. Konitz)
09. Invention in a Minor
10. Easy Livin’ (ft. Marsh)
11. Star Eyes


CD1 + CD2 #1-3:
Lee Konitz – alto sax
Warne Marsh – tenor sax
Bill Evans – piano
Jimmy Garrison – bass
Paul Motian – drums

CD2 #04-11:
Lee Konitz – alto sax
Warne Marsh – tenor sax
Peter Ind – bass
Al Levitt – drums

CD1 + CD2 #1-3: Live at the Half Note, New York; February 24 & possibly March 3, 1959
CD2 #04-11: Live at the Shaw Theatre, London; March 15, 1976 [Wave LP16]
This Compilation:
Released: 2008
Label: Jazz lips
JL 760

Notes: Lee Konitz (1994), Ivan Goldberg

Live at the Half Note [1994]


Lee Konitz: Live at the Half Note (Verve 314 512 659-2):

The music on this 2-CD set has a strange history.

Pianist Lennie Tristano had a rare re-union with altoist Lee Konitz and tenor saxophonist Warne Marsh (his two greatest “students”) during an extended stay at the Half Note in 1959.

Tristano took Tuesday nights off to teach and Bill Evans was his substitute, but the pianist had a couple of those performances recorded for posterity.

While listening to his tapes years later, he was so impressed with Marsh’s playing that he sent edited versions (comprised entirely of the tenor man’s solos) to Marsh, and somehow they ended up being released in that form by the Revelation label.

In 1994, the unedited music was finally issued by Verve; the consistently exciting playing by Konitz, Marsh, and Evans (with backup by bassist Jimmy Garrison and drummer Paul Motian) makes one wonder what took so long.

They perform a dozen extended standards (or “originals” based on the chord changes of familiar tunes) with creativity and inspiration.

In fact, of all the Konitz-Marsh recordings, this set ranks near the top.
~Scott Yanow[]


London Concert [1977]

Lee Konitz-Warne Marsh Quartet: London Concert (Wave LP16):

Recorded: Shaw Theatre, London; March 15, 1976
Released: 1977
Label: Wave

Producer: Peter Ind
Liner Notes: Mark Gardner
Photography: Jack Kilby