Richard & Linda Thompson: The End of the Rainbow (1972-75) 2000

subtitled: an introduction to Richard & Linda Thompson

AKA: The Best of Richard & Linda Thompson
subtitled: the Island Records Years

The End of the Rainbow

Track list:

01. Roll Over Vaughan Williams [*]
02. The Poor Ditching Boy [*]
03. When I Get to the Border [**]
04. Withered and Died [**]
05. I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight [**]
06. Down Where the Drunkards Roll [**]
07. The End of the Rainbow [**]
08. The Great Valerio [**]
09. Hokey Pokey (The Ice Cream Song) [^]
10. Never Again [^]
11. A Heart Needs a Home [^]
12. For Shame of Doing Wrong [^^]
13. Night Comes In [^^]
14. Beat the Retreat [^^]
15. Dimming Of the Day _ Dargai [^^]
16. The Calvary Cross [!]


Richard Thompson, guitar, accordion, mandolin, vocals;
Linda Thompson, vocals [3-10, 11-16]

[*] from Richard Thompson: Henry the Human Fly!
[Island ILPS 9197 (LP, UK, June 1972)]

[**] from Richard and Linda Thompson: I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight
[Island Records ILPS 9266 (LP, UK, April 1974)]

[^] from Richard & Linda Thompson: Hokey Pokey
[Island Records ILPS 9305 (LP, UK, February 1975)]

[^^] from Richard & Linda Thompson: Pour Down Like Silver
[Island Records ILPS 9348 (LP, UK, November 1975)]

[!] from Richard Thompson: (guitar, vocal)
[Island ICD 8 (2LP, UK, May 1976)]

The End of the Rainbow -notes (pdf -625KB)

This Compilation:
Recorded: 1972-75
Released: 2000
Label: Island
542 456

Producer: Bill Levenson


Island Records issued this compilation in 2000 as the first step in a program to re-master and re-issue the albums that Richard and Linda Thompson had cut for them.

Island’s UK catalog number was IMCD 270/542456-2, and the US catalog number was 314 542 456-2.

The tracks are drawn mostly from the duo’s three albums for Island: I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight, Hokey Pokey and Pour Down Like Silver, though two tracks are taken from Richard Thompson’s first solo album Henry The Human Fly; there is also an alternate recording of A Heart Needs A Home and a live version of The Calvary Cross with an extended guitar solo, both of which originally appeared on the mid-seventies compilation album (Guitar, Vocal).

This compilation was released in the UK under the name The End Of The Rainbow: an introduction to Richard & Linda Thompson with an identical track listing and similar art work.