Eliza Carthy: Wayward Daughter (2013)

Wayward Daughter

Track list:

CD 1:
01. Worcester City
02. Great Grey Back – with Tom Wright
03. Two Tears
04. The Rose And The Lily – Eliza Carthy & Norma Waterson
05. Mr Walker – with The Kings of Calicutt
06. Colourblind – with The Ratcatchers
07. Jacky Tar
08. Grey Gallito – Salsa Celtica with Eliza Carthy
09. Newry Town – Waterson:Carthy
10. Blood On My Boots
11. Billy Boy; The Widow’s Wedding
12. The Forsaken Mermaid – Waterson:Carthy
13. I Know My Love – Eliza Carthy & Nancy Kerr
14. Gallant Hussar – With The Ratcatchers
15. Space Girl – Imagined Village
16. May Song – Waterson:Carthy

CD 2:
01. Little Big Man
02. Child Among the Weeds – with The Red Band
03. Rolling Sea – with Warren Ellis & The Rogue’s Gallery Band
04. Cold, Wet & Rainy Night _ The Grand Hornpipe
05. Lemady – Eliza Carthy & Martin Green, featuring Eddi Reader
06. Jack Frost – Waterson:Carthy
07. Willow Tree
08. The Company Of Men – Orchestra arranged and conducted by Van Dyke Parks
09. Adieu, Adieu
10. Mother – with The Kings of Calicutt
11. Crystal Spring – Waterson:Carthy
12. Blow The Winds _ The Game Of Draughts
13. Mohair – with The Ratcatchers
14. The Nightingale _ For Kate – Eliza Carthy & Norma Waterson
15. Britain Is A Car Park

This Compilation:
Released: June 3, 2013
Label: Hem Hem / Topic

Compiled by: Ian Anderson (Editor of Roots Magazine)


Sharing a title with her Sophie Parkes penned biography, this double CD does with music what the book does with words, document the twenty one year career of the remarkable fiddle-singer that is Eliza Carthy.

Across the thirty one tracks featuring tracks from both solo and collaborative releases as well as a number of previously unreleased ones, you get a real sense of her importance in the third folk revival.

It creates an impression that it’s arguably as important if not more so than her father’s role in the second one.

The main difference was her willingness to take the music off at a tangent, to be inspired by traditional music and to place it somewhere where you wouldn’t necessarily expect it to be, in areas such as dub, latin and even electronica as well as the more familiar rock.

As this compilation shows, it would not define her as much as she would herself.

Whilst you can hear the influence of Waterson Carthy on a number of tracks, it is her explorations with other musicians and her own bands that really give her reign, that really let’s her creativity get free.

It’s via those collaborations that she becomes her most inspiring.

The things that comes across on Wayward Daughter is that Eliza is never an artist that has stood still, she has always had a thirst for creativity, an ear for a different slant.

It’s something that has served her well when she returns to the more traditional side of her repertoire, ensuring that it is a living tradition, not a museum piece.

“Wayward Daughter” really does have something for everyone, Eliza Carthy a musician for all seasons.