Dan Ar Bras: Douar Nevez (Terre Nouvelle) (1977) 2006

Douar Nevez

Track list:

01. Intro
02. Retour De Guerre
03. Naissance De Dahud
04. Mort Et Immersion De Malguen / Fin Du Voyage
05. Naissance De La Ville
06. Morvac’h (Cheval de La Mer)
07. Orgies Nocturnes
08. L’Ennui Du Roi
09. Les Forces Du Mal
10. L’Appel Du Sage
11. Submersion De La Ville
12. Douar Nevez (Terre Nouvelle)


Dan Ar Bras – electric and acoustic guitars
Patrig Molard – flute, bagpipes
Emmanuelle Parrenin – Hurdy Gurdy
Benoît Widemann – keyboards
Dave Pegg – bass
Michel Santangeli – drums
Marc Chantereau – percussion

Recorded: Normandy Studios, 1977
Released: 1977
Label: Hexagone (WEA France)
883 009

Sony/BMG [CD, 2006]

Producer: Hugues De Courson
Recording Engineer: Bruno Menny

Illustration by: Patrick Marzial
Photography: Jean-Yves Quintel
This was Ar Bras’ first recording after his touring stint with Fairport Convention. He was assisted on bass by Fairport’s Dave Pegg.


[…] At the age of 13 Daniel Le Bras owned his first guitar.

He modelled himself on The Shadows, then Bob Dylan then Jimi Hendrix.

Daniel’s father insisted that he study catering instead of music.

In 1967, while on a catering course in Benodet he met Alan Stivell who invited him to join his group.

Alan Stivell and his musicians embraced Breton, Scottish, Irish music, and included Gabriel Yacoub who later formed Malicorne.

After a successful tour in France in 1972 they travelled around Europe, North America and Australia.

Alan’s father had made a reconstruction of the ancient Breton harp in 1953 and Alan learned to play the harp, bagpipes and Irish flute.

Daniel Le Bras changed his name to Dan Ar Bras to show that he belonged to Breton culture rather than French.

The sound of his electric guitar made an exciting mix with Alan’s Celtic instruments and voice.

In 1972 he formed his own group called Mor.

Compared to Stivell’s group, this was middle-of-the-road (MOR) and broke up shortly after recording one album.

A solo album of Irish jigs and reels followed, but was not commercially successful.

In 1976 he relocated to England and joined Fairport Convention.

He changed his name again, this time to Dan Ar Braz.

For about a year he played in concerts with Fairport but did not record any studio albums with them.

The experience re-newed his confidence.

He returned to Brittany to record three solo albums in three years, each one using Celtic music.

He sang in French and English.

By this time he was making sales in the United States.[…]