Patricia Barber: Verse (2002)


Track list:

01. The Moon
02. Lost In This Love
03. Clues
04. Pieces
05. I Could Eat Your Words
06. The Fire
07. Regular Pleasures
08. Dansons La Gigue
09. You Gotta Go Home
10. If I Were Blue


Patricia Barber – vocals, piano, Fender Rhodes
Michael Arnopol – bass
Neal Alger – guitars
Dave Douglas – trumpet
Joey Baron – drums (1-8)
Eric Montzka – drums (9)
Strings (#3) – Paul Phillips, Marlou Johnston, Ronald Satkiewicz, Baird Dodge, Fox Fehling, Qing Hou, Lei Hou, Robert Swan, Karen Dirks, Lawrence Neuman, Lee Lane, Katinka Kleijn, Lawrence Brown, Judy Stone
Strings (#3) arranged and conducted by: Cliff Colnot
Piano Technician: Charles Terr

Recorded: Chicago Recording Company, Studio 4, Chicago, IL; February 10-14, 2002
Released: 2002
Label: Blue Note / Premonition

Producer: Patricia Barber
Executive Producer: Michael Friedman
Recording Engineer: Jim Anderson
Assistant Engineer: Jarod Kluemper, John Larson, Manny Sanchez

Mixed by: Jim Anderson
Mastered by: Allan Tucker

Art Direction/Graphic Design: Isabelle Wong/Isthetic
Photography: Jimmy Katz