Dale Barlow: Dale Barlow Live (2001)

Dale Barlow Live

Track list:

01. Jazz Couch
02. Bunyip
03. When I Fall In Love
04. Beautiful Love
05. The Way You Look Tonight


Dale Barlow – saxophone, flute
Mark Fitzgibbon – piano
Matt Clohesy – bass
Dave Beck – drums

#1,2,4,5: recorded live at Bennetts Lane (Melbourne) on Sunday 1 April 2001.
#3: recorded live at Dizzy’s (Melbourne) on Saturday 31 March 2001.
Released: 05 August, 2002
Label: Jazzhead 028

Producer: Joe Camilleri
recording Engineer: Robin Mai

Mixed and mastered by Joe Camilleri and Robin Mai at Woodstock Studio (Melbourne)


Dear Jazz Fan,

This is the first ‘live’ album I have made.

It was recorded over two nights at two wonderful jazz clubs in Melbourne, Bennetts Lane and Dizzy’s.

I am especially pleased with the end product because I feel that it represents so many years of performing experience and rapport between Mark and myself, and the other musicians, and not forgetting the audience.

More than that, it represents a common link between the musicians in Australia and other parts of the world who are all part of our mutual experience, who’ve been creating magic in clubs over many years, playing sets like this one, and keeping the music live and accessible for all to share and enjoy.

I have known Mark for many years, going back to when we were both living in London in the 1980s.

We click together because he’s got amazing facility, knowledge, ears, rhythm, so there’s a lot to draw on from both our vocabularies, taste, and experience.

Matt knocked me out the first time I ever heard him, and increasingly does so every time I hear him.

This was the first time I worked with Dave, and his great time, sensitivity and taste made it a delight for all of us.

We randomly chose an assortment of my compositions, Mark’s compositions, and some standards we knew and liked.

We rehearsed them enough no to spoil them.

Of course, there are only a few songs on this album as they sometimes last longer than the studio versions and because we were having far too much of a good time playing to notice how long it was taking.

I hope you share some of the pleasure we had at the gigs!.
~Dale Barlow