Wayne Shorter Quartet: Without A Net (2013)

Without A Net

Track list:

01. Orbits
02. Starry Night
03. S.S. Golden Mean
04. Plaza Real
05. Myrrh
06. Pegasus
07. Flying Down To Rio
08. Zero Gravity To the 10th Power
09. (the notes) Unidentified Flying Objects


Wayne Shorter – soprano & tenor saxes, whistling (7,8)
Danilo Perez – piano
John Patitucci – bass
Brian Blade – drums
with Imani Winds (#6):
Valerie Coleman – flute
Toyin Spellman-Diaz – oboe
Mariam Adam – clarinet
Jeff Scott – French horn
Monica Ellis – bassoon

Released: 2013
Label: Blue Note

recordings largely captured from the quartet’s European tour in late 2011
“Pegasus” recorded at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles
Engineer: Rob Griffin (Asst Engineer: Gabriel Fonseca)
Mixing: Rob Griffin (Asst: Jeff Ciampa)
Mastering: Mark Wilder

Producer: Wayne Shorter
Executive Producer: Scott Southard

Production Co-ordination: Tom Korkidis

Cover Illustration: Wayne Shorter
Photography: Robert Ascroft
Design: Gordon H. Jee