Mahavishnu Orchestra, John McLaughlin: Inner Worlds (1976)

Inner Worlds

Track list:

A1 01. All in the Family
A2 02. Miles Out
A3 03. In My Life
A4 04. Gita
A5 05. Morning Calls

B1 06. The Way of the Pilgrim
B2 07. River of My Heart
B3 08. Planetary Citizen
B4 09. Lotus Feet
B5 … Inner worlds Part 1
B6 … Inner worlds Part 2
.. 10. Inner Worlds


John McLaughlin – guitar (A1,A2,B1,B3,B5,B6), guitar synthesizer (A1,A4,A5,B1,B4-B6), frequency shifter (A2,B5,B6), 12-string acoustic guitar (A3), backing vocals (A3,A4,B3)
Narada Michael Walden – drums, congas (A1,B4), bass marimba (A1), shaker (A1), Tympani (B1,B5,B6), percussion (B2), Sleigh Bells (B4), Gong (B5,B6) piano (A3,B2), lead vocals (A3,A4,B2), backing vocals (B3)
Ralph Armstrong – bass guitar, acoustic bass (B2), lead vocals (B3)
Stu Goldberg – organ (A1,A4,A5), piano (A1,A4,B1), customised Mini-Moog (A2,B1,B4-B6), clavinet (B3), String Synthesizer (B5,B6), backing vocals (A3,B3)

Released: 1976
Label: Columbia / CBS PC33908
CBS 234 793 [Aust]

Producer: John McLaughlin in association with Dennis Mackay

Recorded at: Le Chateau Herouville, France
Mixed at Trident Studios, London
Cover Photography: Pranavananda
Back Cover Photos: Pranavananda, Lelihan
Design: Andy Engel

” I wish to make special thanks to the following:
Bob Easton and ‘360’ systems of Los Angeles, California for the polyphonic frequency to voltage converrtor and the frequency shifter and all his kind assistance.
E-Mu systems of Santa Clara, California for the loan of their modular synthesizer and sequencer and thier invaluable help.
Robert Moog of Moog Music, Williamsville, New York for the polyphonic mini moog synthesizer for guitar and his very kind help.
Bruce Bolan of Gibson guitars, Chicago, Illinois for the modified L.5.S. guitar.
Swapan Leo Hoarty for his technological expertise in making everything work.
Gregory Digiovine for getting everything into place.
Joseph D’Anna for making the whole family run so smoothly.
Dennis Mackay for his sound.
Nathan Weiss for his intelligent management and constant enthusiasm.
Sri Chinmoy for his love.
My Deepest thanks to all the above and especially to Michael, Ralph and Stu.
Special Thanks to Elaine Rein, Pat Maguire and Neil Coron.
River Of My heart – Dedicated to Sri Chinmoy. “